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Train to Become an eyelash extension artist : Ask yourself these 6 questions

Hi everybody, its Irene here. It has been a long time since I made an update to my website text content. I am sorry, I apologize. But I am back.

Please excuse my poor writing. I’m an eyelash extensions technician, not a professional writer. So I will try my very best to get important messages across.

But I do have so much to share with all of you. I mean those of you who have never tried eyelash extension before / Those of you who are contemplating to become an eyelash extension technician / Those of you who are current eyelash extension addicts / Or those of you who like anything to do with beauty in general.

There is just so much junk spin content on the internet about the myths and facts about eyelash extension or eyelash extension training on the internet. Plus so much content that tries to talk you into signing up to their eyelash extensions course.

I am going to be completely unbiased. I’m going to share with you my view as a real eyelash extension salon right here in Brisbane Australia, correct as at the 12th of January 2018.

So you are thinking about becoming an eyelash extension artist?

Should you become an eyelash extension technician? Or should you not?

Here is a quick assessment I’ve came up with to help you decide. For each question, score yourself from 0 to 10 :

  1. Are your fingers capable of handling delicate work? 0 to 10
  2. How would you rate your hand-eye coordination out of 10?
  3. Are you normally a patient person who is able to sit down for 2 hours to get something done? 0 to 10
  4. Do you hate your day job? 0 to 10
  5. Do you get satisfaction from other people’s compliments? Or do you enjoy it when you helped people to get their confidence back? 0 to 10
  6. Do you pay a lot of attention to your own good appearance? 0 to 10

If you have a 6 or higher for every question, then I would say you have a good shot at becoming an eyelash extension artist. You can read up a bit more on our lash training programs.

Train to Become an eyelash extension artist : Have you thought about WHY?


Next, let’s be clear about WHY you want to become an eyelash extension artist. Passion? Money? Job Satisfaction? How would you rank the order these 3? You need to be completely honest with yourself and ask the hard questions first. In my own experience, when I first started out I received a fair bit of compliments for my work which gave me job satisfaction. With the accumulation of job satisfaction and more job satisfaction, a deep passion for the art developed even further. So you don’t always know at the beginning if you love the art or not. It can be developed. But the only way to find out is to give it a try.

At i-Lashes, our passion for beautiful lashes comes first. Always has, always will.

Second most important of all is the excitement written all over customer’s face when she open her eyes and look into the mirror to see a brand new self. This also spells satisfaction. Lots of it.

Only third is money.

Your very good eyelash extension skills will give you a satisfactory lifestyle, yes. But if it’s the money that attracts you to the trade first, ironically you’re going to get there slower.

Train to Become an eyelash extension artist : Have the right mindset from the beginning is critically important


Let me put it plain and simple – If you worry more about perfecting your lashing skills first, you’ll be financially rewarded quicker. Decent income is a by-product of excellent eyelash extension skills, it comes with time naturally (12 months or less if you are doing this correctly). If your primary driver for entering the trade is about money, you will miss a number of trivial yet critical little details along the way. Some of which are actually counter intuitive. Here I highlight my observations :

  1. You become too focused on turning customers(sales) around rather than providing 100% satisfactory service to everybody. For example, when and if you have 1 hour to spare on any given day, you would rather accept booking from a new customer for a fee than to fix up an imperfection for a long term customer for free. I-Lashes would do the opposite of what most eyelash extensions service providers would do, we would pick up the slack for free rather than accepting a new job. Why do we do it? Is i-Lashes stupid?? Here is the maths : By accepting the new job, you’ve got a 30% chance for this new customer to return, plus you’re $100 ahead. But by accepting to pick up the slack for free for an old loyal customer, you have a 80% chance of keeping the old customer, but you gave up the chance of making $100. I-Lashes will pick the 80% and be $100 worse off any day of the week. We’re no scientist and we’re no economist but this just works. This is just how we roll and not going to over analyze this.
  2. You start to look for cheaper alternatives for your lash consumables and tools that lacks in quality. In my opinion, this spells the beginning of the end of your eyelash career. From this one, you can tell who are the average lash extension service providers, and who are the top eyelash extension service providers. Your customer pays $100 to get their lash extensions done, you think they didn’t know what’s good quality and what’s not? In my own observation, there are 2 types of customers. There is the type who has never previously gone for eyelash extensions, so they have nothing to compare with. They might accept the cheaper and lower quality lashes and glue because they didn’t know any better. But remember, these ladies only go for eyelash extension on special occasions. Like, once every 3 years. Then there is the type of clients who regularly goes for lash extensions. These people have lots of experience and lots of alternatives to compare with. To even think about bluffing them with cheap plasticky lashes or pre-made fans, or cheap glue – The is a career suicide. I-Lashes has never thought about cutting corners on the quality of product we use. We know the consequences too well.
  3. Most importantly, if you enter the eyelash extension trade primarily thinking about money, mentally you become buried in a bathtub of money and you forget about the emotional needs of your customers. YES when ladies book in to get eyelash extensions, they are indeed looking for fantastic results on their lashes. But have you ever picked up that they are looking for a satisfactory emotional outcome, too? We have. The customers have this emotional expected outcome that is not very apparent. It is very subtle. Its signal is quite weak that it often gets drowned by the eyelash extension results itself. This is probably our single most important philosophy when we operate i-Lashes. I will explain in more detail in a future article as this involves quite an art in itself so it justifies a separate piece of writing dedicated to it. So if you believe in anything that I say when it comes to running a home based eyelash salon, please stop thinking just about money.

So these little things set the top artists apart from the good artists. Let’s be honest here, would you rather your lashes be done by a GOOD artist? Or would you rather your lashes be done by the TOP artist?

Ladies, after you read my writings, if you have absolutely any questions at all, please feel free to write me emails irene@i-lashes.com.au  There is a rule at i-Lashes that no question is stupid. For those common questions I will just post them in the FAQ section of my website. Or if it is about training course, here is the training course FAQ. If you like my article, please feel free to share them on Facebook or other social media platforms. The more people aware the better.


13th Jan 2018

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It is an important commitment hence wise for you to be 100% comfortable with it.


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