Eyelash Extension FAQs | General Frequently Asked Questions

About Eyelash Extensions in General

  • What are eyelash extensions?

    Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes (vegan) or mink lashes (non-vegan) applied directly to the natural lash, close to (but not touching) the lash line with a semi-permanent bonding adhesive.

  • What are the benefits of eyelash extensions?

    The main benefit of opting for eyelash extensions over strip lashes is that they feel comfortable and natural. Additionally, they allow you to work with your lash technician to achieve exactly the look you want.

  • How are eyelash extensions applied?

    First, your lash technician will clean the area surrounding your eye to ensure it is free of oil. Depending on the desired look, a single extension (classic style) or a group of super-fine extensions (Russian Volume) is applied to each of your natural lashes using a low-irritant eyelash adhesive, leaving the eyelashes and eyelids to move freely. They are applied carefully, one by one, using specially designed tools and techniques.

  • How long does the process take?

    The whole process generally takes around 90 minutes depending on the number and type of lashes being applied.

  • Are eyelash extensions suitable for me?

    Eyelash extensions are suitable for most people and come in a range of types which means we can create a look to suit your personal style and preferences.


    If you suffer from any of the following, we would recommend refraining from getting eyelash extensions until the issue (where applicable) is resolved:

    • If you have a known, serious allergy to extensions or adhesives.
    • If your lashes are naturally untidy (ie. grow in all different directions) or have an unusual degree of curliness.
    • If you recently permed your lashes. Angled lashes allow less contact surface for your natural lash to bond with the lash extension. Not only does this make it difficult for your artist to work with, the extensions generally won’t last as long.
    • If you have any kind of wound in the area surrounding your eyes or in the eye itself.
    • If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes.
    • In the past two years if you have had LASIK surgery.
    • If you have hypersensitive skin or unexplained skin itching.
    • If you have damaged lashes (note that in some cases we may be able to assist, contact us for a consultation)
  • How long do eyelash extensions last?

    Eyelash extensions will generally last until the natural lash falls out in its natural growth cycle. Most extensions last for around four to six weeks if properly cared for. However, if you wish to keep them well maintained, it is advisable to have infills applied at around 3 weeks as by this stage some lashes will have grown out as new lashes have grown through.

  • Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

    No – our professionally trained technicians apply eyelash extensions taking special care to ensure that they are all applied individually and correctly to maintain prime eyelash health. To ensure the health of your lashes, we highly recommend that you take the advice of the technician regarding the extension type that would be appropriate long-term for your natural lashes.


  • Is having eyelash extensions applied painful?

    No– not if applied properly by a professional! Eyelash extensions are applied directly to the natural lash so there is no contact with the skin. It may feel a little unusual at first, but once you get used to it, it is so comfortable that many or our clients drift off to sleep!

  • Will eyelash extensions irritate my eyes?

    No – once your eyelash extensions are applied, they will feel just like your natural lashes.

  • I have sparse lashes, what do you recommend?

    Our experienced technicians will work with your to find the most appropriate type of extension for your needs. For sparse lashes, we generally recommend Russian volume sets. These are lighter and allow for a fuller look without adding a lot of weight.

  • Will I look unnatural with my eyelash extensions?

    No – not unless you would specifically like this kind of look. I-Lashes will customize your lashes to suit your face shape and personal style. Lashes come in many different lengths and we apply them using a range of techniques to create a range of looks.

  • What if I get eyelash extensions but I just don’t like them?

    We are sure that this won’t be the case but rest assured, they can be removed using an adhesive-dissolver if you decide that they are not for you.

  • What can you tell me about these 3D Russian Volume Lashes that everyone is talking about?

    Known as 3D or XD lashes in different countries around the world, Russian or Russian Volume Lashes originate, as the name suggests, from Russia. Before this trailblazing technique was introduced to the world, extensions were applied with a ratio of 1:1, meaning one extension for every natural lash. With this innovative technique, eyelash technicians are now able to introduce between two and six individual super-lightweight synthetic mink lashes to each natural eyelash. This means that we are able to apply between 200 and 700 single lashes to each eye giving the most voluminous, soft and fluffy lashes around!

    This technique offers great choice in terms of the finished look. The lash fans come in a variety of widths allowing for flexibility in styling. Russian Volume Lashes also place less strain on the natural lashes because of their technologically advanced, lightweight technology.

    For more information, check out our blog post on Russian Volume Lashes.

    Note: Please be careful of unqualified operators using flare/cluster lashes and calling this service ‘volume lashes’. Flare lashes are not individual eyelash extensions or ‘volume lashes’ and are not meant to be applied using permanent glue. The results can be disastrous.

  • What is the difference between the types of lash extensions and what do you use?

    We acknowledge many customers and salons prefer real mink lashes. However, as a natural fibre, it is difficult to control the quality, length and density. As such, we opt for artificial mink, also known as silk, as it gives a beautiful, natural look and feel without the challenges of real mink and holds its curl for many more weeks. To the naked eye, it would be nearly impossible to tell the difference between real and synthetic mink lash extensions.

  • Is it possible to apply my own eyelash extensions?

    Think of applying your own eyelash extensions as being like giving yourself a haircut only you have to do it with your eyes closed. It is possible but you probably won’t be too pleased with the results.

    Unlike strip lashes and other kinds of temporary lash products, lash extensions should only be applied by a qualified and experienced technician. Aside from being impractical, attempting your own extensions could cause damage to your eyelashes and worse, your eyes should you slip with the tweezers or adhesive.

  • What are the different set types and which is the most popular set?

    You can view images explaining the different sets HERE . Russian Volume Elegant are definitely the most popular set.

  • I’ve never had extensions before- what should I book?

    If you are unsure, simply book yourself for any set. Our technicians will make recommendations when you arrive to ensure that you leave with perfect lashes!

Caring For Your Eyelash Extensions

  • How should I care for my eyelash extensions?

    Generally you will get between four and six weeks out of your lashes. However we recommend a re-fill at 3 weeks to keep them in shape. We recommend avoiding contact with water for the first 4 hours to allow the adhesive to settle and dry completely. After that though – as long as the contact with water isn’t excessive, and you avoid rubbing at your eyes or using oil based products – you can treat them as you would your natural lashes- it’s that easy!

  • Can I wear mascara with my extensions?

    Once your eyelash extensions are complete, you’ll have thick and dark long lashes, so why bother? Mascara will add weight and may contain ingredients that interact with your eyelash adhesive, both of which will reduce the life of your extensions. If you do choose to wear mascara, check the ingredients carefully to avoid oil-based products.

  • Can I wear contact lenses/glasses with my eyelash extensions?

    Yes, of course! However you may find it more comfortable to remove contacts before your appointment, or bring your contacts case so that you can remove them immediately prior.

  • Can I get my eyelash extensions wet? How should I wash my face?

    We recommend avoiding getting your new eyelash extensions wet for the first four hours. After that, you are free to expose them to water. But don’t rub them, use detergents or oil-based products as this can break down the adhesive. The best method is to clean your face gently with water and/or a facial sponge, gently wiping the area around your eyes. When drying, pat gently, do not rub and avoid showers over 40 degrees celsius as heat and stem can break down the adhesive. Do not avoid cleaning the eye area, regular cleansing is important for eye hygiene and helps to stop bacteria growing in built-up makeup residue.

    One advantage of eyelash extensions is that your eyes will look fabulous straight out of the shower or pool- no eye makeup required!

  • What is lash growth serum and how should I use it?

    Our DV Blooming essence is suitable for all kinds of lash conditions. Usually, we recommend this product to clients whose natural lashes are sparse and/or damaged however anyone can use this product for enhanced eyelash health. Much like conditioner for your hair, this product supports the growth of the lashes and helps them to stay strong and healthy.  Strong, thick natural lashes are the best foundation for extensions. Apply this one to two times per day for best results. To order please visit here.

  • What are refills and when should I have them done?

    Refills are designed to be a maintenance procedure and are not a substitute for regular replacement of a full set. The number of refills applied in a procedure is fixed and will add 50% of the lash quantity of a full set- this is why it costs less for this service. Refills are there to fill any gaps caused by the natural shedding of lashes in between full sets. As long as you follow the timing guidelines between a full set and a refill appointment, your lashes should be at anywhere between 70-100%+ in density compared to a full set after this appointment. For best results we recommend refills being applied within three weeks of the original full set. Outside of this three-week period, a full set will represent better value for money. For more information on this topic please read article Refills vs Full Sets – Everything You Need To Know.

  • When my lashes fall out, how long does it take for them to grow back? Can I make them grow faster?

    Your lashes need maintenance no matter what technique you use to make them look good. Appropriate cleaning, eyelash nourishing solutions or healthy food with high protein not only help lashes grow, but also make them healthier and stronger.

    There are lots of conflicting “facts” out there about how different medication etc. can help stimulate the growth of your eyelashes. We do not recommend taking any medication UNLESS it is a direction from your doctor. The same applies to cutting your eyelashes- this can be a health risk and is not recommended.

    The lifespan of your lashes follows a continuing cycle. Growing, strengthening, maturing and falling- the cycle just goes on. New lashes grow, one after another. Like with the hair on other parts of your body, each eyelash is at its own stage in the growth cycle. There is no definitive answer to the question of how long this all takes, the growth cycle can be from three to six months and is highly variable.

  • I seem to have lost a lot of lashes in a very short time- what’s going on?

    A normal rate of lash fall is 3-5 lashes a day as your natural eyelashes fall off and regenerate as part of their normal growth cycle. If, however, you have lost a large number of lashes within the first week of having your extensions, it is worth looking at possible causes.

    Rubbing your eyes too hard, poor quality application or health concerns such as anaemia may be the cause. It is worth discussing with your lash technician and if they are unable to identify a cause, perhaps your doctor also.

    If you suspect application of your lashes is inferior, or that your technician is using poor quality products, consider changing salons. Don’t ever pull your extensions off by hand as it will cause damage. If you have had a bad experience elsewhere, feel free to contact us. We can arrange to remove your old extensions and explore your options for new ones.

  • Can I get a facial while wearing eyelash extensions?

    The short answer is yes…BUT… the adhesive that bonds your extensions to your natural lashes does not like steam and heat. As such, please be aware that a steam facial my impact the lifespan of your extensions. A warm towel however should be ok but we would still suggest waiting at least 3 days after your extensions are applied to allow the adhesive to completely set.

  • I have a cavity/ gap in my extensions, can that be fixed?

    It sure can! Just make an appointment for refills and we will get it fixed up for you.

  • Can I cut my extensions? They feel a bit long.

    Generally, if your lashes feel too long, it is simply because you haven’t yet adjusted to them. Wait a few days and see how you feel once you’ve adjusted to them. If you still aren’t comfortable, contact us to work out an alternative. Please never cut your real lashes or extensions- this will ruin them and could pose a risk to your eye health.

  • Why are my eyelashes thinner or messier on one side?

    Nine times out of ten, this is caused by your sleeping position. Many people sleep on one side all night, every night which means that their eyelash extensions are rubbing against the pillow which speeds up the rate at which they fall out or can lead to messy lashes on that side.

    We recommend making a conscious effort to change sides regularly to help avoid this.

Looking After Your Eyes & Eyelash Health

  • Why is it so important to look after my eyelash health?

    Like any part of our body, your lashes are a living organism and being that they are part of the delicate eye area, it is important to take good care of them- both for your health and to keep them looking great. Strong natural lashes for the best base for eyelash extensions and will help you to keep them on longer and avoid cavities.

  • I have an infection or other issue with my eyes, can I get extensions?

    We suggest that you wait until you are fully recovered. We absolutely do not want you to risk your health.

  • Can you be allergic to eyelash extension adhesive?

    As with all cosmetic products, there are some people who may be allergic to eyelash adhesives. Allergic reactions are rare however, and generally subside as soon as the extensions are removed.

    If you do have an allergic reaction, you should seek medical attention prior to making an appointment to remove the extension.

  • Will eyelash extensions make my natural lashes fall out faster?

    Your natural lashes replace themselves over time. Just like your hair, they grow for a period, fall out and then new lashes grow in their place. With eyelash extensions, if you follow the aftercare instructions provided after service, you should have no problems keeping your lashes on for at least 3 weeks. If you suspect your lashes are falling out at an unusual speed, please contact us or your physician to investigate further.

  • I have dry eyes, what should I do?

    We recommend avoiding rubbing as this will aggravate the dry feeling and may damage your extensions. We recommend using a solution to lubricate the eyes. You only require a small amount and your eyes will feel much better.

    Read more on this topic here.

  • Can I use eyedrops and creams with my eyelash extensions?

    Wherever possible we recommend using eyedrops or other alternatives in place of cream or ointment based products (including your daily eye cream) as the oil in these can break down the adhesive used to secure your extensions. This can cause loss of extensions and clumping.

About i-Lashes Products / Services / Salon

  • What products do you use?

    At i-Lashes, we use only the best quality lash extensions, adhesives and removal products. These are all our own brand so we know what is in them and can 100% guarantee that the products we are using are of premium quality.

    The lash extension product of choice at i-Lashes is Synthetic Mink. Fear not! These are not made from actual mink but rather from synthetic fibres called PBT (polybutylene-terephthalate). You’ll typically find that these have a matte finish which means they won’t look plasticky and are lighter in weight than real mink. One of the perks of these lashes is that their curl is permanent, so there is no need to curl or perm them once applied. The nature of their material means they remain quite firm and sturdy after application.

    With a flexibility and softness not found in real mink lashes, our synthetic mink eyelash extensions are softer and more porous and so tend to stay in place longer. If your own natural lashes are weak or fine, you’ll find that the lighter weight option of synthetic mink might be the best fit for you.

    Our extensions come in a range of lengths up to 15mm though, in the world of eyelash extensions, it’s not only the length that matters. Our job is to ensure you have the best overall look for your features and personal taste.

  • Why should I choose i-Lashes for my lash extensions?

    The first thing to consider when sourcing eyelash extensions is which salon to go to. I-Lashes are the eyelash extension specialists of choice, servicing the Brisbane and Logan area. We guarantee top quality lashes and a professional application from a highly trained and qualified professional. Our directors and staff are constantly being educated and working to keep on top of new trends and techniques.

    Application of your extensions can take up to two hours and we understand that your comfort during this time is paramount. In our salon we encourage you to relax and enjoy our soothing music while we work to make you look your best. Many of our clients are so comfortable in our welcoming environment and with our friendly staff, they fall asleep!

    As well as comfort, professionalism is of the upmost importance at i-Lashes. Every member of our team is highly skilled and professionally trained, not only in the application of your eyelash extensions but also in assisting you to select a style that you are comfortable with and that suits your personal style and features.

    A note from one of our regular clients:

    “I travel over 30 minutes to go to i-Lashes, I trust no one else to do my Russian Lashes. The staff are amazing, friendly, highly professional and I always get compliments from friends and strangers on how great my lashes look and how long they last. They cut no corners”

  • There are cheaper salons out there- is there a difference in quality?

    Yes, there is. Until i-Lashes entered the Brisbane market, the race was on to supply the cheapest eyelash extensions in the hope of attracting more customers. This was impossible to do without cutting corners and sacrificing the quality of the products and service available.

    At i-Lashes, we play by a different set of rules. Our goal is to lead the eyelash extension race in achieving the best looking, longest lasting extensions using only the safest products.

    Before you choose an eyelash extension provider in Brisbane, ask yourself- how much is the health of your eyes worth?

  • I am wearing extensions from another salon, can I come in for a refill?

    We would be happy to remove your set and apply a new set. The cost will depend on the style chosen.

  • Are your tools sanitised after each use?

    Absolutely! At i-Lashes, we follow a stringent sanitation regimen on our “hard” tools such as tweezers and use sterilisation methods including mentholated spirits and ultra-violet light. Brushes are only ever used on one client and are disposable so as to ensure perfect hygiene and eye health for every one of our clients.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    Yes, i-lashes is an appointment-based service. We do not take walk-ins.

  • Why can’t I book an evening appointment?

    Your new lashes need a minimum of four hours away from water when they are first applied. For this reason, we don’t like to apply extensions too late in the evening to allow time for a shower, or to wash your face, before bed.

  • How much will my extensions or refills cost?

    Take a look at our price list here.

  • Where are you located?

    We have two salons- one in the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane and another in Runcorn. Please refer to our contacts page for details.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit when booking?

    In the interests of maintaining a timely schedule and preventing no-shows, we request a small, non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.

  • Do you offer gift vouchers?

    Yes, we have gift vouchers available. You can purchase them HERE or from our store.  They are the perfect gift for that glamorous friend who already has everything!

  • What are your opening hours?

    Please click HERE for our booking schedule. Our normal hours are Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:30pm. Sometimes we extend hours to accommodate holiday periods however we don’t advertise this because it is only seasonal. If you can book in, we are open!

  • If something goes wrong, do you have insurance?

    We take your health and wellbeing seriously. In the unlikely event that an accident or injury occurred at the fault of i-Lashes, we have insurance to the value of ten million dollars. Additionally, a separate $20 million public liability to cover any other accidents which occur on our premises.


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