Why You Should Do Your Eyelash Extensions Training With i-Lashes


Why Do a Lash Training Course With i-Lashes?

i-Lashes offers the best eyelash extension course Brisbane has to offer. Students exiting our course will leave with a practical understanding of this delicate art and the skills required to become a technician.

Our training promises:

Experienced, Patient and Passionate Teachers

Head Trainer, Irene, is highly acclaimed in her eyelash artistry. Her styling skills are regarded as being the best amongst her peers and her evident passion for her craft keeps her curious about new developments in the industry.

This passion extends into teaching where she is committed to ensuring her students have the guidance and support they need to learn this delicate art. All components are taught at a pace that allows students to gain a full understanding of each element of the eyelash extension process.

Confidence in your Skills

All too often we hear stories from students who have attended training where not enough individual attention and advice was provided or students did not have the opportunity to practice on real clients resulting in graduates who aren’t confident to take their skills out into the industry.

At i-Lashes, we are committed to providing individual support for every student to ensure that they leave 100% ready to start working as a technician. Students are encouraged to return for real-model practice after the course is finished and strives to find as many volunteer models as possible to ensure every student has ample on-client training.

All Tools and Training Materials Provided

At i-Lashes, we are committed to using only the best products and tools. As such, all materials and tools are provided by us at the beginning of the course. You won’t have to go away and purchase any extras and you’ll be learning with top-quality i-Lashes products.

The Tools to Earn a Decent Income

You’ll exit our training with the practical skills and industry know-how to start earning an income from your new skills right away. If you’re stuck in a job your aren’t passionate about and want to do something you’ll love, this is the course for you!

For full course details, email us today to request an info pack.

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