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What are Russian Volume Lashes?

Known as 3D or XD lashes in different countries around the world, Russian or Russian Volume Lashes originate, as the name suggests, from Russia. Before this trailblazing technique was introduced to the world, extensions were applied with a ratio of 1:1, meaning one extension for every natural lash. With this innovative technique, eyelash technicians are now able to introduce between two and six individual super-lightweight synthetic mink lashes to each natural eyelash. This means that we are able to apply between 200 and 700 single lashes to each eye giving the most voluminous, soft and fluffy lashes around!

This technique offers great choice in terms of the finished look. The lash fans come in a variety of widths allowing for flexibility in styling. Russian Volume Lashes also places less strain on the natural lashes because of their advanced, lightweight technology.


We mentioned earlier that Volume Lashes are a trend originating in Russia where lash pioneers created a bouquet of lashes which fanned out and, for the first time, made it possible to attach more than one extension to a natural lash. Introduced to the world market in 2010 by lawyer-turned-beauty-extraordinaire, Irina Levchuk, this revolutionary technique took the world by storm and quickly became the most sought-after eyelash extension technique on the market.

Prior to the introduction of this method of application, it was considered a professional faux pas to attach more than one extension to each lash as it would weigh down the lash and compromise the health of a client’s lashes over time. Any salon doing so was highly frowned upon.

Today, Russian Volume Lashes are the most popular extension style in the market.

How are Russian Volume Lashes Different to standard eyelash extensions?

For many years, Eyelash extensions have been used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of our god given eyelashes. As early as the late 1800’s, people were trying to find ways to enhance the look of their eyelashes- even going so far as to stitch hair into their eyelids. Thankfully, less invasive and more hygienic techniques have since been developed and what we now know as a classic or traditional extension technique allows for the safe application of one extension to each natural lash.

Where the Russian Volume Technique differs is in its ability to allow a technician to safely apply multiple extensions to a single natural lash for a fuller, more luxurious look and without adding any additional weight to the lashes. In fact, we can apply five of the new super-fine eyelash extensions for every one of the older much thicker extensions and the super fine extensions will still not weigh you down!

Russian Volume Lashes require a highly specialised technique and should only be applied by a trained professional. At I-Lashes Brisbane, we hire only the very best technicians who are experienced in this style of application so you can be confident in the product and service you’ll receive.

When should I choose Russian Volume Lashes?

The thing that sets Russian Volume Lashes apart from other styles of eyelash extension is their fullness making them ideal when you are looking for a more sophisticated, luxe look. Russian volume lashes consist of only the highest quality synthetic mink and the finest lashes available on the beauty market.  They are also a practical solution for clients who have thinning natural lashes or who genetically have less natural lashes than most.

Russian Volume Lashes suit most clients, can be tailored to all face and eye shapes and their ability to provide fullness without a lot of weight makes them as suitable for everyday wear as they are for special occasions. At I-Lashes, we believe your extensions should be an expression of your style and personality. We have two types of Russian Volume Lashes and our highly experienced technicians are here to guide you through the process of selecting a lash style that works for you. From just $160 you can get that immaculately flawless Russian Volume look created by our amazing, talented team of technicians.

Why should I choose I-Lashes for my Russian Volume Lashes?

The first thing to consider when sourcing eyelash extensions is which salon to go to. I-Lashes are your Brisbane eyelash extension specialists of choice, servicing the Brisbane and Logan area. We guarantee top quality lashes and a professional application from a highly trained and qualified professional. Our directors and staff are constantly being educated and working to keep on top of new trends and techniques.

Application of your extensions can take up to two hours and we understand that your comfort during this time is paramount. In our salon we encourage you to relax and enjoy our soothing music while we work to make you look your best. Many of our clients are so comfortable in our welcoming environment and with our friendly staff, they fall asleep!

As well as comfort, professionalism is of the upmost importance at I-Lashes. Every member of our team is highly skilled and professionally trained, not only in the application of your eyelash extensions but also in assisting you to select a style that you are comfortable with and that suits your personal style and features.

A note from one of our regular clients:

“I travel over 30 minutes to go to I-Lashes, I trust no one else to do my Russian Lashes. The staff are amazing, friendly, highly professional and I always get compliments from friends and strangers on how great my lashes look and how long they last. They cut no corners”

What do I need to know about caring for my Russian Volume Lash Extensions?

Generally you will get between four and six weeks out of your lashes. However we recommend a re-fill at 3 weeks to keep them in shape. We recommend avoiding contact with water for the first 4 hours to allow the adhesive to settle and dry completely. After that though – as long as the contact with water isn’t excessive and you avoid rubbing at your eyes or using oil based chemicals – you can treat them as you would your natural lashes- it’s that easy!

What if I if feel Russian Volume lashes aren’t for me?

We all have different tastes and personal styles so if you feel Russian Volume Lashes aren’t quite for you, I-Lashes also offer classic eyelash extensions

What lash product does i-Lashes use?

The lash product of choice at i-Lashes is Synthetic Mink. Fear not! These are not made from actual mink but rather from synthetic fibres called PBT (polybutylene-terephthalate). You’ll typically find that these have a matte finish which means they won’t look plasticky and are lighter in weight than real mink. One of the perks of these lashes is that their curl is permanent, so there is no need to curl or perm them once applied. The nature of their material means they remain quite firm and sturdy after application.

With a flexibility and softness not found in real mink lashes, our synthetic mink eyelash extensions are softer and more porous and so tend to stay in place longer. If your own natural lashes are weak or fine, you’ll find that the lighter weight option of synthetic mink might be the best fit for you.


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