Eyelash Extension Training Brisbane | Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our eyelash extension courses in Brisbane.

  • What's the cost of training?

    Introductory Individual Eyelash Extension – $1750 paid upfront. Or 12 monthly payments of $165 using our payment plan facility.

    Advanced Russian Volume Eyelash Extension – $1750 paid upfront. Or 12 monthly payments of $165 using our payment plan facility.

    Additional Training Day – $650

    Bottom Lashes Training – $650

  • What's included in the training cost?

    Introductory Course : Theory Segment + Practical Segment + Marketing Segment + Fully Equipped Toolbox + Post Training Support

    The Individual Eyelash Extension Kit includes:

    • 3 x lash trays
    • Engraved i-Lashes glass lash extension palette
    • Silicone eyelash extension palette
    • Straight tweezers
    • Curled tweezers
    • Medical tape
    • Eyelash swabs
    • Eyelash brush
    • Eye pads x 10
    • Fan
    • 5ml 2 second dry Lash Extension Glue
    • Gel remover
    • Toolbox

    Advanced Course : Practical Segment x 3 + Fully Equipped Toolbox + Post Training Support

    The Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Kit:

    The same as the Individual Kit, except with the following inclusions/replacements:

    • 3 x Russian Volume lash trays
    • Complimentary tray of LC curl lashes (designed to accommodate special or rarely seen eye shapes)
    • 1 x DV Lash Growth Serum
    • 1 x bottle of eyelash foam cleanser with brush
    • Russian volume tweezers (1 set = 2 pairs)

  • What are the dates of the training courses?

    Our individual classic lash extension class starts on the last Sunday of every month.. Please check with us to confirm availability.

  • Would 2 days training be enough to learn the art well?

    We believe 35% is our training and the other 65% is your practice at home. If you put the efforts into practice then 2 days of contact hours would be enough. You always have the option of purchasing additional clinic days @ $500 per day to a maximum of 7 days training.

  • I work full time but still interested in learning eyelash extensions. Is that going to be a problem?

    Absolutely not. Our courses are only conducted on Sundays. We know you are all busy.

  • How big is the training class?

    Maximum of 3 students each class. We want to give enough attention to the progress of each student while not be too intimidating (Not that we do anyway in a 1-1 class).

  • What do I do if I still have questions after the training?

    Contact Irene. She will guide you through any issues you have. You’re always safe hands when you have Irene as your trainer.

  • Do I get a certificate?

    Yes you do. On completion of your course we will issue you a course completion certificate. This would mark the beginning of your eyelash extension career.

  • Is there lash lift class, too?

    No sorry. i-Lashes only conducts lash extension services and training

  • Is there lash perming class, too?

    No sorry. i-Lashes only conducts lash extension services and training

  • Can I skip the theory segment and do double the practical segment?

    We highly advice against it. But yes you can. Theoretical knowledge and practical application techniques really go hand in hand to form an integrated understanding of what eyelash extension is all about.

  • Can I enrol the Introductory and Advanced course at the same time?

    Yes you can. When you enrol both courses we will offer you bottom lashes training for free (Normally charged at $650). But ideally you want to wait until you are in full control of your individual eyelash extension application before you start the Russian Volume course.

  • Are you able to teach me in my own home?

    No sorry. Training is centrally done in our class only.

  • I already have the basics from my previous training. Is there a refresher course I can do?

    Yes there is. Please check with us for the dates.

  • How do I sign up to the class?

    You could email Irene direct at this email address irene@i-lashes.com.au or alternatively you can enrol via our online booking system. Here is the link https://ilashes1.gettimely.com/book

  • Can I reschedule after I enrol?

    Yes you can. We’ll just put you in the following class where there is availability.


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