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i-Lashes’s styling

Our styling specialty is naturally elegant looking lashes with an emphasis to rectify damaged lashes / compensate for naturally sparse lashes. What we don’t do is thick, heavy lashes that will unquestionably damage your natural lashes because the extra weight is causing unsustainable pull burden on your natural lashes. If you are looking for that unlimited thickness in your lashes, we can refer you to a different salon. As a general rule of thumb, the kind of lash results we normally provide are always similar to those images shown in our photo gallery.

Booking Deposits

We required a minimum $20 deposit when a booking is made. This amount will be deducted from the total service fee upon your visit. Deposit is refundable when more than 24 hours notice is given for either a cancellation or reschedules. We do not refund any amount if less than 24 hours notice is given. We can take bank transfer deposit where we will hold the appointment for up to 6 hours before it opens up to another client.


We understand your plans can change. So please give us a minimum 24 hours notice for reschedules or cancellations( you can also self-help to change appointment time by using the email confirmation we sent you, there is a link that allows you to do that yourself). We will refund your deposit if we received notification with sufficient notice. If less than 24 hours notice given for cancellations we are unable to provide a refund for ANY reason. So it is important that you only book for appointment times when you know 100% you will be able to attend.

Please be on-time

Arriving 5-10 minutes early is ideal. Our salon runs on an appointment based system like clockwork. So if you are late, we will only be able to attend to your lashes until your scheduled appointment time ends. This will normally mean fewer lashes for you for the same amount of cost. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will have to cancel your booking because we do not want to put our lash stylists under time pressure. Best lashes is only possible when sufficient time is given to work on your lashes.

Waiting list

Fridays / Saturdays are generally our busier days. This is particularly true before events or public holidays. To get a spot on these popular days it is recommended that you book early to avoid disappointment. If you are unable to book in on a preferred date please ask our staff to put you on a waiting list. If any reschedules or cancellations come up we will notify you in the first instance.

No shows

If you have a history of no-show, we will only accept any future bookings if you have the appointment paid in full at the time of booking. Note the service fee paid is non-refundable for lateness or no shows under any circumstances.


We can only refill your lashes if you still have 50% or more of your lash extensions on your visit.

Other salon’s work

If you are currently wearing lash extensions from another salon, we will happily remove your current set and apply a brand new set for you. We are unable to do a straight refill for you. This is critical for i-Lashes to deliver consistently great quality work.

Before you come in

Please make sure all makeup (particularly mascara) or old strip lash glue is removed. Clean your lashes with the recommended lash cleanser to ensure the root of your lashes is clean. This will greatly help bonding of your lashes and maximize the lifespan of your new lash extensions.

If you have had a lash lift or eyeliner tattoo in the past 6 weeks, please do not book because the chemical residue from the procedure will react with eyelash extension glue we use.

Children / Pets

Please respect other client’s wish to be able to 100% relax while in salon getting treatment. Children & pets can jeopardise the atmosphere.


To book any full set service, please be absolutely sure that you are not allergic to eyelash extension glue. If unsure, you MUST book a patch test first. A patch test is a mini set of lash extensions to test whether you are fit for the service. In the event of allergies from patch test, it is relatively easy to remove to alleviate any symptoms. If you elect to book in a full set service without a patch test, we can not be held responsible if an allergy event arise. Whilst all care is taken, we will not issue refunds for this reason. We will carry out a complimentary removal if this occurs. Please contact i-Lashes immediately if you become aware of allergic reaction so we can assist you as quickly as possible.

After the service

We will demonstrate how to maintain your lash extensions and give you an after care instruction card. Please follow the instructions as close as possible to maximize the life span of your lash extensions.


If you follow our lash extension aftercare guidelines which your lash technician will go over with you, then your extensions should last 4-6 weeks. If you are experiencing accelerated falls, we will take a look and touch-up within 7 days from the day you got a new set or a first refill (Not applicable after that). However we do not guarantee how much more we will do during the repair session other than to restore to what it should have been.


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