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i-Lashes is not only Brisbane’s premier eyelash extension salon we also conduct introductory eyelash extension courses in Brisbane for all who inspires to join the fast-growing industry. We offer on-going comprehensive technical support for trainees to become fully operational. i-Lashes’ eyelash extension course is heavily focused on the practical hands-on side of the trade, focusing on speeding up the time required for you to start your own business and be confident in your own work.

Currently, we offer training to perfect your skills and expand your business. We have two available courses:

  • 2 Day Introductory Individual Eyelash Extension Course - Brisbane CBD


    Our introductory eyelash training is for the complete beginners. Also, if you’re a lash artist in need of a refresher to boost your confidence and lash application skills, this course is for you, too.


    • What are eyelash extensions and who shouldn’t be getting them
    • Life-cycle / types / length / curl / material of false eyelashes
    • Conducting an eye shape assessment – which combination will suit
    • Pre-application preparation steps
    • Applying eyelash extensions
    • How to finish a job
    • What to do after servicing each client
    • Troubleshooting with ease when the unexpected happens
    • Best practices for hygiene and safety
    • Aftercare procedures and use of our aftercare cards


    • Basics of operating the tools
    • Correct lighting, posture and seating positioning
    • Lash photography
    • The most efficient way to do removals and refills
    • Mannequin practice
    • Supervised practical with a real model *
    • i-Lashes’ unique techniques of eyelash extension service


    • On going support by email or phone
    • Starting your eyelash business: Things to think about for both home-based or salon-based operations
    • Surviving your first three months in business: Getting new clients quickly and cost effectively
    • Detailed required equipment list, plus a detailed budget exercise which explains how much you need to invest to build a successful eyelash business
    • How to collect and use demographic information wisely
    • Effectively compete with more well-known salons in the area
    • How to save money on marketing and the purchase of equipment
    • Strategic mix for promoting your eyelash business
    • Run your booking system on an automated system to save you time and money
    • Learn how to identify who your “ideal client” is (and isn’t), and how you can effectively use social media platforms to attract these clients to you
    • Deal with client dissatisfaction positively

    Tool Kit

    Our lash kits have everything you need to get lashing! We include enough for your first 20 clients (approximately). No more running around last minute shopping for tools and materials for a cheap eyelash extension course! We pack everything you need to start the course with us.

    We have curated a selection of top quality products, and use the same ones in our salons across Brisbane. We are so confident in our i-Lashes products that we retail them locally. We swear by our premium products and offer the best pricing point for this range.

    The Individual Eyelash Extension Kit includes:

    • 3 x lash trays
    • Engraved i-Lashes glass lash extension palette
    • Silicone eyelash extension palette
    • Straight tweezers
    • Curled tweezers
    • Medical tape
    • Eyelash swabs
    • Eyelash brush
    • Eye pads x 10
    • Fan
    • 5ml 2 second dry Lash Extension Glue
    • Gel remover
    • Toolbox
  • 2 Day Advanced Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Course - Brisbane CBD


    It’s a prerequisite that you complete introductory individual lash extension training and have had at least six months full-time experience before commencing this course.

    We cover Russian Volume technique, and the course comes with additional tools and consumables specifically designed for Russian Volume lash extensions.


    • Popular techniques on how to make a handmade lash fan
    • How to evenly apply lashes across the whole length of the eyes
    • Dealing with natural imperfections in customer lashes
    • Aftercare and cleaning methods for eyelash extensions
    • How to place fans in equal distance across the lash line
    • Clear explanations of the differences between 2D / 3D / 4D / 5D and 6D


    • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and workflow for Russian Volume eyelash extension application
    • Photographic techniques for eyelash extensions
    • How best to minimise the amount of time it takes to apply a set with heavy volume
    • Supervised application of Russian Volume lashes on a real model *

    Tool Kit

    Our lash kits have everything you need to get lashing! We include enough for your first 20 clients (approximately). No more running around last minute shopping for tools and materials for a cheap eyelash extension course! We pack everything you need to start the course with us.

    We have curated a selection of top quality products, and use the same ones in our salons across Brisbane. We are so confident in our i-Lashes products that we retail them locally. We swear by our premium products and offer the best pricing point for this range.

    The Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Kit:

    The same as the Individual Kit, except with the following inclusions/replacements:

    • 3 x Russian Volume lash trays
    • Complimentary tray of LC curl lashes (designed to accommodate special or rarely seen eye shapes)
    • 1 x DV Lash Growth Serum
    • 1 x bottle of eyelash foam cleanser with brush
    • Russian volume tweezers (1 set = 2 pairs)
  • 1 Day Intensive Problem Solving Clinic - Brisbane CBD


    This highly flexible class is designed to realign your skills with your business needs and will be calibrated to suit your existing and desired skill set as well as to ensure you have the opportunity to have any learning goals addressed.

    As professionals in our field, we constantly seek to upskill ourselves and stay abreast of industry trends, best practice and new techniques. That’s why i-Lashes now offers a single-day course designed to refine your skills and aid you in trouble-shooting any issues you may be experiencing.

    Whether you are training, new to the industry or an experienced eyelash extension technician, if you feel you need to refine your technique or trouble-shot technical application issues, you will benefit from learning from someone who lives and breathes eyelash extensions. Irene is the owner and founder of i-Lashes- Style Magazine’s Best Eyelash Extension Salon 2017-18- and has over 11,000 eyelash extensions applications under her belt.

    This clinic class includes 2 pairs of tweezers, 1 tray of mixed lashes, 1 bottle of glue and 10 pairs of eye pads.


    Who should take this course?

    • New or experiences technicians experiencing problems with application, removal or any other technical element.
    • Technicians who are receiving multiple complaints, failing to attract return business or fill their bookings diary .
    • Technicians who are finding it challenging to market their business.

    We will assess your problem and give you precisely the solution for it.

    Technical topics covered

    1. How to fix lash extensions that are sticking together
    2. How to apply eyelash extensions without the lashes sticking together
    3. How to straighten up the eyelash extension/ how to apply straight and neat eyelash extensions in the first attempt.
    4. Ergonomic considerations- don’t sacrifice your health and posture for your work.
    5. How to substantially increase the longevity of your lash extension work
    6. How to remove eyelash extensions quickly and correctly without smoking your client’s eyes.
    7. How to prevent removal liquid solutions leaking into your customers’ eyes.
    8. How to correctly perform a speedy refill of lash extensions.
    9. Correct application of eye-pads.
    10. How to efficiently assess the customers eye shape and decide on the perfect design of eyelash extensions for your customer in 3 seconds. Key to eye shaping assessment.
    11. Troubleshooting pain or discomfort during or after eyelash extension application.

    Marketing topics covered

    1. Customers are happy with your work. They are all very happy. But still you don’t have a full schedule of work. Why? How to get out of this?
    2. How to replace your existing bad customers (non money making customers) with good customers (profitable customers)
    3. How to make the bullet proof marketing web that follows your client around using the smallest marketing budget possible?

    Customer Service topics covered

    1. How to resolve clients complaints. Using 5 of the most commonly seen client complaints and threats. We make analysis of the client’s psychology and decide on the best course of action to arrive at a satisfactory outcome where possible. Role play the scenarios so you can handle them professionally when they knock on your door.
    2. How to pick up early signs of competitors trying to sabotage your business and how to prevent future occurrence.

    What to bring:

    You will need to bring along a model who knows and trusts you and who you can track the life of the extensions with.

    Payment plan available. Cash, credit card accepted. Payment plan also accepted at additional processing fee.

Course Highlights

  • Brisbane CBD Location – 167 Albert St
  • All inclusive beginner’s course  (Theory + Practical + Marketing + Fully Equipped Toolbox + Post Training Support)
  • Course conducted on SUNDAYS
  • 2 Day training course with flexibility to optionally purchase additional sessions as required
  • Small classes only – Maximum 3 students per class
  • Focused on perfecting your hands-on skills

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Correctly carry out preparation work before servicing customers
  • How to design Perfect Lashes for different eye shapes – Consistantly produce that WOW Factor everytime
  • Confidently apply New Eyelash Extension to Live Model
  • Refilling Eyelash Extensions
  • Removing old lashes Safely
  • Maintain tools & equipment in a 100% Clean & Hygienically state
  • Correctly communicate aftercare tips & advice to customers
  • Practical step by step working instructions on how to get new customers
  • How to pick up warning signs of trouble – Quickly
  • Troubleshooting – How to deal with Allergies AND/OR customer Complaint

Flexible Eyelash Extension Courses – Tailored to Suit YOUR Needs

Our eyelash courses are delivered at our Brisbane salon over two intensive Sundays. You can take them consecutively, or on different weeks to suit your needs and availability. We understand that students learn at their own pace, and we don’t want to rush the process. You have the option to purchase additional sessions if required.

Leading the way in Eyelash Training

Our talented head trainer, Irene, is a highly-acclaimed expert in eyelash artistry. With our completely immersive program, we will ensure that you are head and shoulders above the competition in all ways. As Brisbane’s favourite lashes, we’re excited to lead you in the right direction with thorough training practices, and an emphasis on client satisfaction.

Irene’s passion for the craft keeps her abreast of all the latest developments in the industry. By learning new techniques and trends, Irene knows exactly what styles will suit her clients. She is always ready to impart her valuable knowledge on to her students. She will share with you her wealth of experience and meticulous eye for detail.

Become Your Own Boss

By the end of your eyelash training course, you will be confident and equipped with the knowledge to open your salon. Many eyelash training courses will teach you how to lash, but that’s where their service ends. At i-Lashes, we are different. We are making a commitment to your future, and will continue to mentor you even after you have learnt the skill.

We provide all our trainees with ongoing comprehensive technical support to become fully operational. Our education is geared towards the practical, hands-on side of the trade. We are focused on helping you speed up the time required for you to start your own business.

Break free from the nine-to-five grind! Enjoy being in total control of your earnings and your time. There’s so much to look forward to when starting your own salon. We offer you the best eyelash extension training possible so you will be ready to embrace your new journey.

Taking Time to Learn

We pride ourselves on setting the pace to suit your needs. Don’t stress about getting it right the first time. We are here to teach you – whatever it takes. Our patient and understanding trainers will be there for you every step of the way.

We will slowly walk you through the theory of eyelash extensions, gradually move on to training on a mannequin, and then refine your practice on a live model. All this work is intended to help you reach the skill level required to start earning a good income on your own.

Course Prices

The cost of each course is $1,750 (or 12 payments of $165 if by payment plan)

This includes tool kit and consumables.

Course is payable by cash, credit card, debit card. We offer payment plan solution (fees applicable).

You will be issued your certificate upon completion.

* In our current courses, we offer one supervised real person application. We provide additional practical training days for students at $500 per day.

** Bottom lashes training is free for students who enrol in both i-Lashes courses. If you wish to sign up just for bottom lash training, the fee is $650.

Recommended Further Readings

If you are contemplating signing up to ANY eyelash extension training course (it doesn’t have to be i-Lashes training course), we’d really recommend you to spare 20 minutes or so to read ALL of the articles written previously on our industry.

It is an important step of your career and we want you to be 100% comfortable with what to expect.

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