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Strong, Healthy Eyelashes : Tips to Maintain It

June 16, 2016
Keep Your Eyelash Extension in Good Shape   If your natural lashes are thin, weak and soft, you could consider...
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i-Lashes – 3 Tips For Your Eyelash Extensions Part 3

August 24, 2017
i-lashes – Tips for your Eyelash Extensions Stop my Lashes Falling Out! What should I do if lots of my...
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i-Lashes – 4 More Tips For Eyelash Extensions

August 22, 2017
Tips for Eyelashes Extensions (Part 2) Q: What is the difference between mink, silk lashes? Which one looks better?  Mink...
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Four Most Commonly Seen Misconceptions about lash Extensions

September 30, 2017
Whether your lashes last one week or four weeks all depends on how good your artist is? Absolutely not true. So...
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5 habits that ruin your lashes.

June 1, 2017
Of all the make-up all women do, we devote most of our time and effort to the eyes.  But eyelash...
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Why Don’t My Eyelash Extensions Last?

July 16, 2017
Why Don't my Eyelash Extension Last? We've summarised the most commonly seen reasons here. Here's why some ladies have trouble...
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Refills vs Full Sets – Everything You Need To Know

May 1, 2017
Here at i-Lashes, we are committed to ensuring you have the healthiest, most beautiful eyelash extensions available. In order to...
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Does every eyelash extension artist sanitise their tools properly?

March 27, 2017
Does every eyelash extension artist sanitise their tools properly? If you have been to a dentist, you would know that...
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True Cost of Being an Eyelash Artist

December 23, 2016
To my dearest ladies : If you're reading this and you agree with i-Lashes and like where we're heading, could...
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Lost Half of my Eyelash Extensions During the First Week? What do I do?

September 2, 2016
Generally it is only normal if you lose between 3 to 5 lashes per day. Your natural eyelashes fall off...
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Will Eyelash Extension Damage My Real Lashes?

August 16, 2016
Will Eyelash Extension Damage My Real Lashes? Many ladies ask me this question so I want to put this issue...
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Is eyelash extension for everybody?

August 13, 2016
Basically, if your natural lashes are reasonably healthy then yes eyelash extension is fine for you. Eyelash extension is done...
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Tips for Eyelashes Extensions

August 14, 2017
Tips for Eyelashes Extensions Your eyelash is just like your hair. It would go through a life cycle growing, declining...
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Can I get a facial with my eyelash extension on?

August 10, 2016
Your Lashes Do Not Like Heat Eyelash glue is weakest right after your extension. So please keep your lashes dry...
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Is it possible to apply eyelash extension to myself?

July 9, 2016
One of my student said to me that she wants to learn eyelash extension so she could extend her own...
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Eyelash Extension / Mascara or False Lashes?

July 8, 2016
Whether someone uses mascara, false lashes or eyelash extension the ultimate goal is to make your eyes appear bigger and...
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The Hundred Dollar Question: How do I tell who is a good eyelash technician?

July 2, 2016
How do I tell who is a good eyelash technician? Market price for eyelash extensions can range from $50 to...
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Things that shortens the lifespan of your eyelash extension

May 17, 2017
Things that shortens the lifespan of your eyelash extension Rubbing your eye : Rubbing your eyes puts pressure on your...
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