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Moisturising Cleansing Pad (30 Sheets)


These gentle pre-moistened cotton cleansing pads have been designed specifically to remove the build-up of makeup, oils and proteins from the face and delicate eye area without damaging your eyelash extensions or natural lashes. The soft cotton composition of these pads paired with the careful formulation of the cleansing solution ensures that our Moisturising Cleansing Pads are kind to your skin and moisturise as they cleanse making them gentle enough for daily use.

Made from 100% PVA cotton and fragrance free, this product is low-irritant. Suitable for home or salon use.


Remove a single pad from container. Gently dab along lash line holding in one place for a few seconds at a time. Do not rub. Once makeup is removed from lash line, softly wipe the surrounding area including the eyelid. Repeat for other eye.


30 pads


Store in a cool, well ventilated area between 5-35 degrees Celsius




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