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Lash Extension Glue Remover Solution


An essential product for every professional eyelash technician, I-Lashes Eyelash Extension Glue Solution is a concentrated adhesive remover which quickly and gently dissolves eyelash glue in a safe and simple manner. Remove a full set of lashes quickly and efficiently, even if they have been worn for a long time!

The highly concentrated formulation takes hard work out of removing old lash extensions and is great for quickly removing volume lashes. I-Lashes Lash Extension Glue Remover Solution is gentle on natural lashes, leaving them nourished and undamaged. Made with low-irritant ingredients and unscented, this product is suitable for people with sensitive skin and eyes.

Directions: gently apply product along lash line. Allow solution to permeate the adhesive. Gently brush with an eyelash brush to separate extensions from natural lashes.

Size: 10g

Shelf Life: 3 years

Storage: Store in a cool place

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Glue Remover Solution

Glue Remover Solution


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