2 Pairs Tweezers Set (1 Pair x Straight Tweezers + 1 Pair x L Angled Tweezers) - ilashes

2 Pairs Tweezers Set (1 Pair x Straight Tweezers + 1 Pair x L Angled Tweezers)


The perfect pair! Made for professional eyelash technicians, this set contains our I-Lashes Precision Point Straight Tweezers along with our I-Lashes L Angled Tweezers giving you the best tools for use in applying classic eyelash extension styles. Set comes packaged in a handy metal case.

I-Lashes Precision Point Straight Tweezers

A must-have when applying classic eyelash extensions, these tweezers are designed with a precision tip for maximum control of extension positioning during the lash application process. A favourite amongst our professional eyelash extension technicians, these lightweight tweezers are an essential tool for any lash professional. We recommend this style of tweezers for the separation of lashes during eyelash extension application.

I-Lashes L Angled Tweezers

An essential tool for applying Classic Individual Lashes, these lightweight, L angled-tip tweezers are designed to aid in the precise application of eyelash extensions. Created especially to assist in the delicate art of applying this style of extensions, our L Angled Tweezers allow you to pick up fans easily and are a must-have for lash professionals who pride themselves on quality application.

Colour: Silver

Contents: 1x I-Lashes Precision Point Straight Tweezers, 1 x I-Lashes L Angled Tweezers




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