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i-Lashes Practical Eyelash Extension Training Course

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i-Lashes conducts introductory courses on eyelash extension training in Logan, Brisbane and nearby areas for all who inspires to join the fast growing industry. We offer on-going comprehensive technical support for trainees to become fully operational. i-Lashes eyelash extension course is heavily focused on the practical hands-on side of the trade, focusing on speeding up the time required for you to start your own business and be confident in your own work.

Earn a Decent Income Quickly

If you are still stuck in your boring old day job that pays average, eyelash extension could be for you. Eyelash extension could be the key to help you escape your boring current routine. Get your foot in the beauty industry where the potential is limitless. You ask : Could I do this? Absolutely you can. You just need to be ready to learn and ready to serve customers with a smile. Are you stuck with a mortgage? Or are you tied up at home caring for your kids and still hoping for a good income? Neither is stopping you from running your own home based eyelash extension business. Servicing your local clientele right from the convenient your home salon. i-Lashes will show you how.

Feel Confident in Your Own Eyelash Artistry

Too often we hear students attending training where not enough individual attention and advice was given during the course. This results in theory and practical knowledge not sinking in when the course ends. Consequences being the student is unable to independently perform the art outside of class which is the primary cause of students giving up in the end. i-Lashes  focus on providing abundance of support to students both during and outside class hours. We encourage students to return to class for real model practice after the course is finished. i-Lashes will strive to find as many volunteering models as possible for our students in order to get as much practice as possible for you to be confident in your own work.

Patient Trainer – Comprehensive Training

We understand that everybody starts somewhere.  Even Irene started as a beginner in the art of eyelash extension. We are patient when we teach our techniques to new students because we understand your needs. Slowly walk you through the theory of eyelash extension, then gradually move on to training on dummy models and then ultimately continue your practice on several different live models. All this work is intended to help you reach the skill level required to start earning good income on your own.

All Tools & Materials Provided

No more running around shopping for tools and materials for the cheap eyelash extension courses. i-Lashes training gives you the convenience of packing everything you need right here on the day when you start the course with us.

Past Student Feedbacks of the Course

Tamara Jade

Lin CarfraeSharleen Wilson

Exceptionally Skilled & Passionate Trainer

Head trainer Irene is highly acclaimed in her eyelash artistry. Her styling skills is amongst the best in her peers. For those of you who have had eyelashes done by Irene you would certainly agree. Her passion in the craft is evident which makes her very curious in any new developments in the industry. Constantly learning new techniques and new trends makes her very sharp in determining what styles would look good on anybody’s lashes. Her attitude to customer service is exceptional. Amount of thought she puts into caring for her customers is simply incredible. If you’re going to learn eyelash extension, it might be a good idea to learn from someone who is as meticulous as Irene.

Why Train With i-Lashes?

Here are some of the most common reasons :

1.Eyelash extension artists have flexibility with their time. Appointment only based business allows artists to organise their time effectively. There is no need to sit in a boring office or factory morning to night.

2.Eyelash Extension is an art that no machine can replace. You would be never be out of a job.

3.True work-life balance

4.A real confidence booster for women. When you finish applying new lashes to clients, her happiness is written all over her face. This is when you really get a confidence boost.

5.High level of technique required. As a result, the profit margin is quite high. By the end of year 1, you should be well and truly ready to give away your day job.

6.There is no age limit or prior qualification requirements. Anybody who is determined to become an eyelash extension artist can be one with enough knowledge and practice.

7.Ladies spend money to keep themselves look good regardless of the state of the economy. Eyelash extension is absolutely recession proof.

8.Very low initial investment. Starting an eyelash extension business cost relatively less compare to most other types of small business.

9.Networking. Every day of the week you meet ladies from different industries and all walks of life. Build your connections to grow your business is very easy if you are an eyelash extension artist.

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Eyelash extension training Brisbane, Eyelash extension training gold coast,  Lash training courses, Lash extension training, Eyelash extension course, Lash extension course, Lash courses, Eyelash course