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5ml Eyelash Extension Glue (Expert Level – 2 Second Dry)


Formulated for superior adhesion, versatility and comfort, i-Lashes eyelash extension glue is the only choice for a quality, professional look.

Specifically formulated for use with both Russian volume and classic lash extension techniques, our glue enhances the traditional lash-application experience by providing a thicker viscosity and a faster drying formula than other products on the market. This makes it easy to work with and ensures that it holds lashes securely and correctly in place.

This long-lasting adhesive provides for maximum retention of lashes and its low fume, low irritant, latex free formula allows for maximum wearer comfort and makes it ideal for clients with sensitive skin or eyes. i-Lashes’ superior formulation and black tint allow it to blend seamlessly with most types of lash extension.

Designed with practicality in mind, this product will withstand high humidity environments for fluffy, voluminous lash extensions even in the most humid climates.

Recommended for use by experience technicians.


Size: 5ml

Glue colour: Black

Drying Time: 2 Seconds

Recommended Temperature: 21-28 Degrees Celsius

Recommended Humidity: 50-70%

Humidifier recommended if humidity below 55%. When over 70% we recommend turning on air con to balance humidity.

Retention = 4-5 weeks

Low vapour / low stimulation.

Latex & Formaldehyde Free


What to look for in a Quality Eyelash Extension Glue


Low Fumes

When adhesives are exposed to oxygen, certain formulas can give off fumes that irritate the eyes causing them to water (which can affect the level of eyelash adhesion). To ensure the comfort of your client, always look for low fume eyelash extension glue


Low Irritants

Some people experience adverse reactions to eyelash extension glue making for an uncomfortable experience and poor lash adhesion. Our eyelash extension glue is a low irritant formula, free from latex making it ideal for clients with sensitive skin.


Dry Time

Eyelash extension glue’s drying time can vary from anywhere between 2 to 5 seconds. Fast drying lash adhesives are more suited to professional artists due to the smaller margin for error. Our eyelash extension glue features a fast drying formula, with a thicker viscosity, making it ideal for high professional lash extension artists.



Humidity levels play a large role in the performance of your eyelash extension glue. The presence of moisture in the air activates the bonding agents so it’s important to pay attention to the recommended humidity levels specified by your glue manufacturer. Our eyelash extension glue is recommended for use between 50 – 70% humidity however the use of humidifiers or air conditioners can be introduced to balance the levels in your salon.



Like humidity, ambient temperatures can affect the performance of your lash extension adhesives. In very cold environments, the adhesive can become thicker and take longer to dry. The opposite is true for high temps – which cause the adhesive to become ‘thinner’ and too quick to dry. Our eyelash extension glue is suitable for use between 21 & 28 degrees.

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Eyelash Extension Glue

Eyelash Extension Glue


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