Why Don't Eyelash Extensions Last?
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Why Don’t my Eyelash Extension Last?

We’ve summarised the most commonly seen reasons here. Here’s why some ladies have trouble keeping their lash extensions for long. Seems like its always the little things that make your lashes fall. Lash Extensions Brisbane North.

  1. You can’t stop touching your lashes.

Our fingers carry some skin oil. Any touching or fiddling of your lash extension is the surest way to break them. Oil melts eyelash extension glue. It’s as simple as that. Therefore ladies please refrain from unnecessary contact between your hands and your lashes. On your fingers there is also bacteria. So in addition to risk of lashes falling out there is probably a risk of infections.

  1. Itchiness or allergic reaction.

When your eyes are itchy, it is probably because they are slightly allergic to something you’re not aware of. People’s natural reflex tells their hands to go rub the eyes. And rub them with some level of force. Some ladies use saline or eye drops to sooth the itchiness. All of these has the potential to melt eyelash glue resulting in early lash fallouts. i-Lashes’ recommendation to ladies who has these problems is to :

  1. a) Talk to your doctor, take correct prescription medication to combat seasonal allergies or ;
  2. b) Just let your eyelashes to take a good rest.

Ladies, if you are not sure whether you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, talk to your doctor first. Our experience is that this happens a lot during winter. When weather is cold, probability of allergies to everything and anything increases. In summer, generally things are not as bad.

  1. Hormone level changes.

During menopause or pregnancy, hormone level changes. As we age, so does our body hormone levels and composition. This most certainly has some bearing on how long your natural lashes could last. Hormone levels has an effect on the amount of skin oil your kin releases. Lash growth, regeneration is also linked to this. All of these factors contribute to how long you could potentially retain your eyelash extension. If you ever get an opportunity to test your skin age, do it.  There is no harm in understanding more about your skin. Lash Extensions Brisbane North

  1. Reaction to certain prescription drugs.

Some drugs have side effects. Frequently seen side effects are the increase in skin oil production & release. Or on the other end, some ladies get dry skin from prescriptions. As far as lash extension is concerned, dry skin is good, oily skin is no good. We’re not suggesting that dry skin is good in general. We’re just saying that drier skin tend to retain lashes better and for longer. Lash Extensions Brisbane North Lash Extensions Brisbane North

  1. The skin care product or make up product you use

Again, oil melts lash extension glue. So please don’t let oil to contact your eyelash extension. Your eyeliners and your eye shadows are quite frequently made from high oil content material. They will cause lash extensions to fall out. Other things include makeup residues. It accumulate on your skin and blends with skin oil. Not so good if you are trying to keep your lash extension for as long as possible. Lesson learned is to thoroughly clean your face when you are removing make up in the evening. Lash Extensions Brisbane NorthLash Extensions Brisbane North.

Back to the Basics

i-Lashes hopes that we all observe the basics of taking care of your eyelash extension. Keeping your lashes nice and beautiful is our number one priority. Ladies if you have any questions regarding eyelash extension please feel free to write to us. We will answer your question to the best of our ability and post it on our blog. You could contact us via email irene@i-lashes.com.au or text us on 0431 791 458. Have a good night ladies.

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