Do Extensions Damage My Real Lashes?
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Will Eyelash Extension Damage My Real Lashes?

Many ladies ask me this question so I want to put this issue to bed.
Colouring your hair, or perming your hair will both do damage to your hair, we all agree? Yes.

So are we going to stop perming or colouring our hair? No.

In fact, not just eyelash extension, if you put anything foreign to your lashes or to your hair it will cause damage. Applying strip lashes or mascara, perming your lashes or tinting your lashes, or use of any kind of makeup remover will damage your skin or lashes. Eyelash extension over a long period of time is adding weight to your natural lashes, so it too will cause some damage to your natural lashes. So we’re going to have a find a way to compensate for the damage instead. We need to manage it.

Ladies, we all put a lot of efforts into caring for our hair after we have it coloured or permed, but surprisingly we don’t put anywhere near enough effort into caring for your lashes.

Most Lash addicts have the same experience where they gradually go thicker and thicker with their eyelash extension over time. They can no longer accept their looks without nice thick long lashes. Similar principle as ladies who are so used to wearing makeup when going anywhere at all, they’d simply refuse to go anywhere without make up. Even if your eyelash artist recommend you to stop with eyelash extension and give your lashes some rest for a while, usually this kind of recommendation does not go down very well for those who are so used to natural looking thick lashes.

(If your lashes are already damaged, we recommend anywhere between 4-12 weeks rest for your lashes, depending on the damage sustained.)

Caring for your lashes is not as complicated or as much work as you think. The regeneration cycle of lashes is shorter than your hair (usually they go in 3 month cycles). After 3 months they would simply stop growing. You need to give your lashes some nutrients so your lashes remain strong. There is a wide range of products available on the market that would do the job. We are happy to show you what i-Lashes use to maintain our own lashes, and you could go to a popular retailer or online to purchase the products yourself.

Make a good habit of caring your lashes everyday, either to help existing lashes grow or make new lashes grow. Put simply, the key is to give your lashes enough nutrients so they continue to be strong.

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