4 Tips For Your Eyelash Extensions
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Tips for Eyelashes Extensions (Part 2)

Q: What is the difference between mink, silk lashes? Which one looks better? 

Mink lashes, Silk lashes and real human lashes.

Among all kinds of materials, only 100% mink is closest to the real lashes in composition. Yes you can argue that mink hair feels the closest to real human hair when you wear them. However, there are still some disadvantages of these natural fibers. The length and thickness are hard to control and usually is quite inconsistent. An intelligent lash artist would suggest those don’t use makeup that much to take up artificial lashes. Since it is hard to tell whether the lash is real or artificial by extension by eyes, it would still look natural even without makeup.

Silk Protein Hair, Artificial Fibre Hair, and Artificial Mink Hair

Silk protein hair, artificial fibre hair, and artificial mink hair are made from acrylic fibre. They aren’t made from natural materials despite the name may suggest. These kinds of materials are darker so easier to spot. In terms of the natural look they are just as good. Furthermore, artificial fibre tends to be more flexible.

Q: How do I look after my new Eyelash Extension?

It’s very easy to maintain your eyelashes extension. All you need to do is just follow the simple instructions listed on the card which i-Lashes will provide. Pulling lashes, combing too much (no more than once per day) and rubbing eyes are bad for your lash extensions. Doing any of these cause your lashes to fall earlier. Also, please remember to not wash your face within the first 4 hours after receiving eyelash extensions.

Q: Can I Use Mascara after extension?

Mascara shortens the lifespan of eyelash extensions. This is simply because mascara remover is old based. Anything that has oil content melts eyelash extension glue. So removing mascara is actually bad for your eyelash extension.

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