Tips For Maintaining Eyelash Extensions
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Tips for Eyelashes Extensions

Your eyelash is just like your hair. It would go through a life cycle growing, declining and dormancy. Each eyelash has its own growth cycle. Sometimes eyelash would fall because of the natural metabolism. It takes 3-6 months average for a new eyelash to grow as long as the others. The way to do the eyelashes extensions is usually to stick the artificial lashes on the real ones. Since the artificial lashes are attached to the real eyelashes, when the eyelashes fall, they fall together.

We should always keep an eye out on grease, heat, and water after receiving your eyelash extensions by Grease and heat dissolve the eyelash extension glue so that the artificial eyelashes fall. We’d encourage the use the oil-free remover products. Always keep shower temperature under 40 degrees. Once the lashes are wet, please dry the water with the hair dryer and brush them in the same direction.

Artificial lashes do fall and can fall from you rubbing your eyes. Sometimes the lashes even fall into the eyes. If you decide to do eyelashes extensions, you’d need to avoid rubbing your eyes please ladies.

How NOT to wash my face after Eyelashes Extensions?

Avoid water only in the first four hours after the extensions. However you should still clean your face, there is no reason not to. Just have to do it the right way. Our eyelids itself also produces grease. Your lash artist will always tell you not to use oil based remover products. Clean your face gently with water or use the facial sponge wiping off the area surrounding your eyes. This way it is easier to keep the lashes clean and also makes it easier to absorb the water on the eyelids. Most importantly this step keeps bacteria from growing from your old makeup residues.




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