What Factors Shorten Eyelash Lifespan
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Things that shortens the lifespan of your eyelash extension

  1. Rubbing your eye : Rubbing your eyes puts pressure on your eyelash extension and even your real lashes are prone to fall off. Some lashes are grown on the outer layers of your eye lids. Any external force of push motion is no good for your eyelashes.

2.Sleep facing down. Your face smears against the pillow. Equally bad for your eyelash extension and real lashes.

  1. Not cleaning your face properly nightly. This results in too much oil residue on your skin. Remember oil is a killer to eyelash extension as it weakens the bonding power of the glue.

4. Don’t let germs get an opportunity to get comfortable on your lashes. Correct face cleaning includes thoroughly removing make up. Foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow and other residues all form part of the makeup residues. Take very good care of your eyelash extensions by removing make up correctly.

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