What To Do If You Lose Your Extensions In The First Week
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Generally it is only normal if you lose between 3 to 5 lashes per day. Your natural eyelashes fall off and regenerates at a reasonable rate. When you rub your eyes some of your natural lashes twist off. But if you lose most of your eyelash extensions within the first week it isn’t normal. Before you pick up the phone and question your eyelash artist you should check whether your lashes are falling off with natural lashes(you could see a white tip) or just the extension section. The former could indicate a few things :


1) Are you feeling uncomfortable so you are rubbing your eyes hard?

2) More than one lash glued together?

If either of these applies to you, you might need to contact your current eyelash technician and look for somebody else.


If only the extension is coming off it could also indicate

1) Not enough eyelash extension glue applied;

2) Incorrect joint (contact point between natural lash & extension);

3) Poor quality glue

You might need a refill for these problems


Generally if you are losing lots of natural lashes with extensions the problem is with your eyelash technician. Or it could be a glue quality issue. Beware. We came across some interesting cases where ladies were not very used to their eyelash extensions but got too embarrassed to go back to their eyelash artist for removal. So they ended up pulling lashes out with bare hands. In most cases you would end up pulling off your natural lashes too. We strongly advise against this. Your best bet would be have them professionally removed, or wait for them to come off naturally. Keep your lashes strong and healthy.

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