How To Tell A Good Eyelash Technician
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How do I tell who is a good eyelash technician?

Market price for eyelash extensions can range from $50 to $200 for individual sets. With significant variance like this, how does the average consumer differentiate who is good and who is not? Indeed, every technician charges a different price. It often causes more confusion and triggers more questions about ‘What’s the difference?’or ‘What do I get for the extra amount I pay?’. Price is an important, but not the only indicator of skill levels of technicians. In addition to the obvious clue being price charged, often pricing has to do with different levels of shop fitting and facilities available. For example, the more glamorous a salon is, the more investment was made to do up the salon, hence the eyelash extension service fee is higher.

Second thing you need to consider is the level of insurance you are covered for. At i-Lashes, we understand that we are working with your eyes. Our policy automatically covers every client for $10 million on professional indemnity, and $20 million for public liability. These are the highest level of cover any insurance company can insure you for. This is how much consideration we have for your well-being. Next time you visit a different salon, ask them what insurance policy they have.

One thing you could possibly do is to get online and search for photos of work previously done by the eyelash technician. Many expert technicians who cares about their business and reputation have blogs or Facebook fan pages with plenty of resources and interaction with fans. Through the uploaded images of their work and their commentary, you could easily get an impression of their skill levels and their eyelash extension philosophy and whether their understanding of eyelash extension agrees with yours.

And then your first hand experience is absolutely the most accurate reflection of all the indicators mentioned above. Often eyelash technicians promote their services to first time clients through discounts or free upgrades. i-Lashes recommends that you take advantages of these benefits to go and experience the different skills of different technicians. Important traits to look for is this tech’s speed, comfort and aesthetics (ie. whether they could work out what looks best on your eyes – everyone’s eye shapes are different after all). Also, whether the eyelash technician has made a satisfactory attempt to talk to you and to exchange ideas on what you want, explain thoroughly what to expect during the service, ability to provide unbiased advice etc.. On average your technician should be able to finish a natural set of lashes in 75 minutes or less. Russian volume lashes roughly just under 120 minutes or so is considered fair.

If she takes too long, it is possible she is new to what she is doing.
If she is too fast, you wanna ask if she paid enough attention to the finer details when applying your lashes. Other things like whether each individual lash is cleanly apart from another? Or are they tangled together? Did the lash technician show you how to take care of your new lashes when you leave? And whether your new lashes could last anywhere between 3-5 weeks? These are all examples of the basic clues you could check to secretly  score your current eyelash technician.

by Irene 1 July 2016

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