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Whether someone uses mascara, false lashes or eyelash extension the ultimate goal is to make your eyes appear bigger and sparkle. Research in Japan revealed many female respondents agreed that eyelashes plays a pivotal role in facial make up. Makeup without the eyelash component is only as good as no makeup at all.

In i-Lashes’ opinion, the  greatest difference between false lashes and eyelash extension is how realistic the eyelashes look. Eyelash extension is just more natural than false lashes.

Anybody who has had eyelash extension experience knows that it is done by applying individual new lash to your natural eyelash. Compare to false lashes where you attach the whole strip of machine made neat lashes on, you simply can not beat that natural look.

We observed an interesting fact. People who normally wears mascara would switch to false lashes after a few tries because of the added dramatic effect. And if she tries eyelash extension it would be hard to not be addicted to it. This is why eyelash extension is so popular amongst celebrities and senior executives. True beauty of eyelash extension does not disappear as you remove make up. Rather, it stays with you for weeks.

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