Do Eyelash Salons Sanitise Their Tools Properly?
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Does every eyelash extension artist sanitise their tools properly?

If you have been to a dentist, you would know that if the dentist doesn’t use a dedicated set of dental tools on her patients, nobody would come to see this dentist again. Our eyes are the most sensitive organ on our body. Although the part that we work on is on our eyelashes, due to the of the proximity to the eyes, we absolutely have to be 200% careful when applying new eyelashes.


Generally the eyelash tweezers are a tool of repetitive use. It is highly recommended to have them sanitised using mentholated spirits after every use. In addition to that, the tweezers should be cleaned by exposure to ultra violet rays on a daily basis. In regards to the eyelash sprays or nutrients or even mascara, a prudent eyelash artist would only use disposable brushes to apply on all clients. The golden rule is that no brush surface is to come into contact with more than one person to ensure absolute hygiene. If this is not done properly then the tool storage unit would become breeding ground for germs and bacteria with high potential of causing eye problems like conjunctivitis.


Little things like this is the cornerstone of looking after every lady’s eye health. So the next time you go somewhere for eyelash extension, pay very close attention to whether the artist is doing these. If she has forgotten, make sure you voice it and ask them to do it properly.

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