Dry Eyes and Eyelash Extensions
Dry Eyes & Eyelash Extension
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Dry Eyes & Eyelash Extension

Are you feeling your eyes a bit dry when the weather changes?

Hold your temptation to rub your eyes please ladies.

This aggravates your dry eyes and  ruins your lovely eyelash extensions.

If you are an eyelash extension addict like me,

you have to learn to control your hands from rubbing your eyes.

Eye rubbing tends to twist your eyelashes and cause cavities

between your lashes. You only have to use small quantity

of eye solution on them to keep them moist to reduce the  discomfort.

Usually you can feel the  significant improvement on the second day.

Any eye spray will do, I don’t have a preference to what brand to use.

Ones your see in your local  pharmacy will definitely do the job.


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