Commonly Seen Misconceptions About Eyelash Extensions
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Whether your lashes last one week or four weeks all depends on how good your artist is?

Absolutely not true. So many factor contributes towards the time your lashes can last. As a general rule of thumb this is the ratio we go by. Lifespan of your new lashes depends 30% on the your artist’s techniques. 30% comes from the lash and eyelash extension glue quality. Finally 40% depends on how well you look after your lashes. For the best lash extensions Brisbane has to offer, talk to us first.

Any nail artist could do a good job with eyelash extension

Again this one really depends. The art of lash extension looks easy. Yes, deceptively easy. But it actually demands very high technical levels to do the job well. Your lash technician needs to have lots of experience with different eye shapes, curliness and colour of your hair to make the best decision on what lashes to apply for you. Therefore you see lots of nail shops who also do eyelash extensions. The question is – how good are they really with this art?

Cheap eyelash extensions are just as good

Our advice is you always get what you paid for. Cheap lash extensions would not give you the highest quality lashes and glue. Good glue and lashes is not cheap. Good experience and judgement is not cheap. Adequate insurance is not cheap. i-Lashes use the highest quality lashes and glue + highest level of insurance cover and we simply don’t settle for anything else. Like your handbags and cosmetics, there is the cheaper ones and there is the upmarket ones. We like to think that we are in the middle, but with high end quality.

Eyelash Extensions are all the same

Wrong. Best eyelash extension is always tailor made according to your individual needs. No two lash extension sets are identical. It is always determined by the combination of your eye shape, colour of your eyebrows, colour of your hair and sensitivity of your eyes. i-Lashes tailor made new eyelashes for every person. This is the rule we go by. We don’t compromise. For the same reason, we will outright refuse to refill lashes from other salons.

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