Natural lashes & Eyelash Extension - Tips to Keep Your Lashes Healthy
Natural lashes eyelash extension
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Of all the make-up all women do, we devote most of our time and effort to the eyes.  But eyelash extension may not be the answer for everyone. This article is about how you could maintain perfectly good looking natural lashes.

It plays such a critical role we must do everything possible to care for it.

Some of our subconscious movements may do some significant damage to our eye make up. No excuse for that ladies!

Lifespan of Natural Lashes

Each of your eyelashes takes 1 to 3 months to grow until they reach 7~8 mm and then stop.

They are good for another 2~4 months when they are in mature stage and are capable of carrying extra weight (ie.eyelash extensions).

Then they weaken and eventually fall out.

Quite often the lifespan of your natural lashes is shorten by your little subconscious movements. Lets look at some examples.

Rubbing your eyes.

Your lashes are different to your hair because they grow near the surface of your eyelids.

For this reason, any excessive external force on your lashes and they could easily fall out.

The rubbing motion when you wash your face, rubbing your eyes from any itch causing eyelash extension to fall off also.

So lesson learned – don’t rub your eyes please.

Not replacing your eyelash curler for more than 6 months.

Rubber pads on your curlers are really the part that wears out. This is due to, again, use of excessive force on them to curl your eyelashes. When you use damaged curlers on your eyelash or eyelash extension, the natural consequences is that they fall out, or even break from the middle. Lesson learned here – replace your eyelash curler rubber pads when they are due for replacement.

Using the same conventional makeup remover for your eyes.

Are you using the same makeup remover for your eyes and the rest of the face?

Mascara has its dedicated series of products for removal, so does false lashes and eyelash extensions.

Also remember – be gentle please.


Staying up all night.

Your skin repairs itself mostly at night during the period of between 10:00pm to 2:00am.

This is also the time when your eyelashes grow. So be sure to get rest during this period.


Not thorough in removing makeup, leaving residues.

When you remove your make up, do you have a habit of leaving a small amount of mascara at the root of your lashes?

You’d probably be thinking – I’m gonna put make up on again tomorrow morning anyway so it wouldn’t harm.

It actually does.

Residue mascara + dust + oil from your skin = potential for infection.

Do your eyes a favour and keep them as clean as possible.


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