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Why do we stop real mink eyelash extension services?


Why is Real Mink so Popular?

Mink lashes come from animal fur and like real human hair it has all the characteristics of organic hair. For example, it has tiny hair scales covering it if you place it under a microscope. It feels and looks like real human lash. It is light, comfortable and at the same time natural which is the primary reason why all the Hollywood celebrities are fans of this product. Due to its lower production volumes, real mink services are more costly than normal eyelash extensions by anywhere between 30% to 50%.


Animal Cruelty Issues

Mink lashes we see on the market today mostly claim to be Siberian mink. But the problem is that there actually isn’t that many mink farms in Siberia growing Siberian mink. Most of the mink farms today are scattered around Hebei province in China and also North America where conditions for the animals is harsh at best. Minks are caged with very little room to move. It is particularly agonising in this environment for minks as they are solitary animals where if in the wild they could roam freely on land for thousands of acres. Trapped in a cage they could attack each other or harm themselves when under stress and circle around the cage nonstop. Normally the female minks breed once every year and between 3 to 4 cubs survive. When the cubs are 6 months old they are slaughtered. Their fur extracted they have to be slaughtered and skinned under tremendous stress. This is all to satisfy the demand for the billion dollar industry. In China laws for animal protection are still at its infant stage so the welfare of farmed minks can be questionable. Here is a Youtube footage of how minks are treated for their fur (beware : very very unpleasant) – 


Lash Wastage

Weather in mink farms is not always freezing cold so when it turns summer the mink fur naturally become finer than they were winter. This is why it is difficult to control the consistency in the thickness and colour of the real mink lashes. When the eyelash artists apply real mink it results in more lash spoilage as they try to achieve maximum consistency in length and colour.


Health of Your Eyes First/ Always

Our eyes are prone to infections. Yet it is difficult for eyelash artists to guarantee that each batch of real mink lashes are correctly sanitised when they leave the factory. It would be impossible for real mink eyelash manufacturers to send samples from every batch of real mink eyelashes for laboratory test of bacteria reading.

In order to minimize the possibility of infections and allergies i-Lashes stopped using real mink for the simple reasons of hygiene and our attitude against animal cruelty. Great eyelash extensions don’t always have to come from cruelty to animals or risk of infection to your eyes.

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