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Strong, Healthy Eyelashes : Tips to Maintain It

Keep Your Eyelash Extension in Good Shape


If your natural lashes are thin, weak and soft, you could

consider using products like this to increase the strength of

your eyelashes. Some people might think : Is this necessary?

Is this effective?


It’s like you would use conditioner if your hair is a bit dry.

Similarly you would use a remedial product if your hair fall

out easily. And why do we all do that? Of course it is to keep

our hair healthy and shine.


What about eyelashes? What benefit is there to care for our

lashes? Here are a few benefits just to get you going :



1. When your natural lashes are thick, they are stronger and

can carry more eyelash extension with them.

2. Strong natural eyelashes will not fall off after you clean

your face. You would rarely see eyelash cavities.

3. Strong natural lashes support eyelash extensions for longer


So if you are serious about your eyelash health, perhaps you

could consider getting this product to use. i-Lashes doesn’t

sell any products to make money.  We genuinely hope  that

you have strong lashes.


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True Cost of Being an Eyelash Artist

To my dearest ladies : If you’re reading this and you agree with i-Lashes and like where we’re heading, could you please share this post for me?

I have been chatting with my peers about our industry lately.

Many of them have had recent experience of being bargained down on price which they respectfully declined.

What I have to say is, the art of eyelash extension is just not as simple as it looks. And it costs far more than you think it does. It looks like easy money, $90/$100 for 2 hours work. Read on to learn the truth about what we do.

The price we as eyelash artists pay to keep everybody pretty :

Learning the art : Anywhere between $1000 to $5000. Shows you the principles and the techniques on how to do eyelash extensions, but usually not much more. When a new technique comes out everytime, its another $1,000 to $2,000 for the upgrade or you simply can’t catch up. If it is as easy as getting on to Youtube to watch a few videos, we’d have a million eyelash techs in Australia.

Consumables : $27 to $40 per tray. 3 different widths, 9 different lengths, 6 different curls. I won’t even go to the different colours (12 varieties) or the material (3 varieties). So the most basic collection of consumables is $5,427 without the different materials (double the $5,427) and colours (we won’t go there here). Tools excluded.

Damage to our eyes : After 9 hours of continuous close distance focus facing high wattage lighting, your eyes would lose focus and temporarily lose vision after each shift. 5 days a week, 50 weeks per year. Your eyes will never be back to normal again. Ask any optometrist about this, they will tell you to stay right away from being eyelash extension artist.

Why are we still in this trade? Simple, we love doing it and we love that satisfying look from all ladies after the treatment. It is very rewarding and we will continue to do this for as long as our health permits.

i-Lashes puts in all our efforts to keep you looking brilliant and we hope that you follow the aftercare instructions to the letter to keep the perfect lashes on for as long as you could.

We invest every dollar on the best products and provide the best service for each lady and we’re not sorry for what we do. But you will never see or hear i-Lashes calling itself ‘best in Brisbane’ or best in anywhere for that matter. We’re not interested in being the rhetorical kind of best, we focus on improving our technique and service so it is better than yesterday, and we do this every day of the week.

We love your support and certain don’t take any dollar for granted. I’ll say it again because it is our conviction : i-Lashes and all of its staff will never take any lady or any service cost for granted.

We are so grateful that we are given an opportunity to being in business by all you fine ladies. Thank you!

Love you all!


Recommended Further Readings

If you are contemplating signing up to ANY eyelash extension training course (it doesn’t have to be i-Lashes training course), we’d really recommend you to spare 20 minutes or so to read ALL of the previous articles below about this trade.

It is an important commitment hence wise for you to be 100% comfortable with it.

Eyelash Salon

Lost Half of my Eyelash Extensions During the First Week? What do I do?

Generally it is only normal if you lose between 3 to 5 lashes per day. Your natural eyelashes fall off and regenerates at a reasonable rate. When you rub your eyes some of your natural lashes twist off. But if you lose most of your eyelash extensions within the first week it isn’t normal. Before you pick up the phone and question your eyelash artist you should check whether your lashes are falling off with natural lashes(you could see a white tip) or just the extension section. The former could indicate a few things :


1) Are you feeling uncomfortable so you are rubbing your eyes hard?

2) More than one lash glued together?

If either of these applies to you, you might need to contact your current eyelash technician and look for somebody else.


If only the extension is coming off it could also indicate

1) Not enough eyelash extension glue applied;

2) Incorrect joint (contact point between natural lash & extension);

3) Poor quality glue

You might need a refill for these problems


Generally if you are losing lots of natural lashes with extensions the problem is with your eyelash technician. Or it could be a glue quality issue. Beware. We came across some interesting cases where ladies were not very used to their eyelash extensions but got too embarrassed to go back to their eyelash artist for removal. So they ended up pulling lashes out with bare hands. In most cases you would end up pulling off your natural lashes too. We strongly advise against this. Your best bet would be have them professionally removed, or wait for them to come off naturally. Keep your lashes strong and healthy.

Will Eyelash Extension Damage My Real Lashes?

Will Eyelash Extension Damage My Real Lashes?

Many ladies ask me this question so I want to put this issue to bed.
Colouring your hair, or perming your hair will both do damage to your hair, we all agree? Yes.

So are we going to stop perming or colouring our hair? No.

In fact, not just eyelash extension, if you put anything foreign to your lashes or to your hair it will cause damage. Applying strip lashes or mascara, perming your lashes or tinting your lashes, or use of any kind of makeup remover will damage your skin or lashes. Eyelash extension over a long period of time is adding weight to your natural lashes, so it too will cause some damage to your natural lashes. So we’re going to have a find a way to compensate for the damage instead. We need to manage it.

Ladies, we all put a lot of efforts into caring for our hair after we have it coloured or permed, but surprisingly we don’t put anywhere near enough effort into caring for your lashes.

Most Lash addicts have the same experience where they gradually go thicker and thicker with their eyelash extension over time. They can no longer accept their looks without nice thick long lashes. Similar principle as ladies who are so used to wearing makeup when going anywhere at all, they’d simply refuse to go anywhere without make up. Even if your eyelash artist recommend you to stop with eyelash extension and give your lashes some rest for a while, usually this kind of recommendation does not go down very well for those who are so used to natural looking thick lashes.

(If your lashes are already damaged, we recommend anywhere between 4-12 weeks rest for your lashes, depending on the damage sustained.)

Caring for your lashes is not as complicated or as much work as you think. The regeneration cycle of lashes is shorter than your hair (usually they go in 3 month cycles). After 3 months they would simply stop growing. You need to give your lashes some nutrients so your lashes remain strong. There is a wide range of products available on the market that would do the job. We are happy to show you what i-Lashes use to maintain our own lashes, and you could go to a popular retailer or online to purchase the products yourself.

Make a good habit of caring your lashes everyday, either to help existing lashes grow or make new lashes grow. Put simply, the key is to give your lashes enough nutrients so they continue to be strong.

Is eyelash extension for everybody?

Basically, if your natural lashes are reasonably healthy then yes eyelash extension is fine for you. Eyelash extension is done by attaching individual artificial lashes to your natural lashes. So regardless of your age group, if your lashes are healthy then eyelash extension is fine on you.

Main reason for eyelash extension is to create nice long thick looking yet natural lashes. With the right curl selection your lash artist could create different looks on your eyes and improve the shape of how your eyes appear.

For example, Asian ladies with long but thin eye shape could use eyelash extension to create the rounding effect.

However there are some groups of people who are not suitable for eyelash extension :

1) If your lash count is very low to an extent where you have almost no natural lashes.

2) If your natural lashes have been damaged, regardless of cause

3) If you habitually rub your eyes

4) Any kind of eye infection disorder

5) If you have undergone eye laser surgery in the past two years.

If you fall into any of these groups, we strongly recommend you spend some time to care for your eyes first. Wait until the problem improved, then come and get eyelash extension to make your eyes sparkle.

Eyelash Extensions

Is it possible to apply eyelash extension to myself?

One of my student said to me that she wants to learn eyelash extension so she could extend her own lashes. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard this! I was LOL on the inside but had to pretend that wasn’t a silly comment because I didn’t want to hurt her self esteem.

Concept of applying eyelash extension to yourself is like trying to give yourself a haircut, except you can only do it with your eyes shut. I can’t say that it’s impossible, but it is technically challenging. I have never done it to myself and I would imagine the likelihood of getting hurt one way or another is high. I absolutely don’t recommend this at all and I have never contemplated trying this myself.

Technique used for applying strip lashes and eyelash extension is completely different. When you apply eyelash extensions, you do this one lash at a time. Even the basic natural set would take you around an hour to properly apply. And if you are trying this yourself at home, it would definitely take more time and it wouldn’t be an easy task to handle the design and the neatness.

Most importantly, your hands are coming from a completely different direction, you have the tweezer tips pointing at your own eyes. It doesn’t take much of an error to make yourself blind. I wouldn’t imagine anybody wanting to risk all these. It’s just best to see an experienced technician for eyelash extensions.

Facials Brisbane

Eyelash Extension / Mascara or False Lashes?

Whether someone uses mascara, false lashes or eyelash extension the ultimate goal is to make your eyes appear bigger and sparkle. Research in Japan revealed many female respondents agreed that eyelashes plays a pivotal role in facial make up. Makeup without the eyelash component is only as good as no makeup at all.

In i-Lashes’ opinion, the  greatest difference between false lashes and eyelash extension is how realistic the eyelashes look. Eyelash extension is just more natural than false lashes.

Anybody who has had eyelash extension experience knows that it is done by applying individual new lash to your natural eyelash. Compare to false lashes where you attach the whole strip of machine made neat lashes on, you simply can not beat that natural look.

We observed an interesting fact. People who normally wears mascara would switch to false lashes after a few tries because of the added dramatic effect. And if she tries eyelash extension it would be hard to not be addicted to it. This is why eyelash extension is so popular amongst celebrities and senior executives. True beauty of eyelash extension does not disappear as you remove make up. Rather, it stays with you for weeks.

Lash Extensions Brisbane

The Hundred Dollar Question: How do I tell who is a good eyelash technician?

How do I tell who is a good eyelash technician?

Market price for eyelash extensions can range from $50 to $200 for individual sets. With significant variance like this, how does the average consumer differentiate who is good and who is not? Indeed, every technician charges a different price. It often causes more confusion and triggers more questions about ‘What’s the difference?’or ‘What do I get for the extra amount I pay?’. Price is an important, but not the only indicator of skill levels of technicians. In addition to the obvious clue being price charged, often pricing has to do with different levels of shop fitting and facilities available. For example, the more glamorous a salon is, the more investment was made to do up the salon, hence the eyelash extension service fee is higher.

Second thing you need to consider is the level of insurance you are covered for. At i-Lashes, we understand that we are working with your eyes. Our policy automatically covers every client for $10 million on professional indemnity, and $20 million for public liability. These are the highest level of cover any insurance company can insure you for. This is how much consideration we have for your well-being. Next time you visit a different salon, ask them what insurance policy they have.

One thing you could possibly do is to get online and search for photos of work previously done by the eyelash technician. Many expert technicians who cares about their business and reputation have blogs or Facebook fan pages with plenty of resources and interaction with fans. Through the uploaded images of their work and their commentary, you could easily get an impression of their skill levels and their eyelash extension philosophy and whether their understanding of eyelash extension agrees with yours.

And then your first hand experience is absolutely the most accurate reflection of all the indicators mentioned above. Often eyelash technicians promote their services to first time clients through discounts or free upgrades. i-Lashes recommends that you take advantages of these benefits to go and experience the different skills of different technicians. Important traits to look for is this tech’s speed, comfort and aesthetics (ie. whether they could work out what looks best on your eyes – everyone’s eye shapes are different after all). Also, whether the eyelash technician has made a satisfactory attempt to talk to you and to exchange ideas on what you want, explain thoroughly what to expect during the service, ability to provide unbiased advice etc.. On average your technician should be able to finish a natural set of lashes in 75 minutes or less. Russian volume lashes roughly just under 120 minutes or so is considered fair.

If she takes too long, it is possible she is new to what she is doing.
If she is too fast, you wanna ask if she paid enough attention to the finer details when applying your lashes. Other things like whether each individual lash is cleanly apart from another? Or are they tangled together? Did the lash technician show you how to take care of your new lashes when you leave? And whether your new lashes could last anywhere between 3-5 weeks? These are all examples of the basic clues you could check to secretly  score your current eyelash technician.

by Irene 1 July 2016

Read up on how to keep your lashes looking perfect – Irene’s Beauty Diary

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Eyelash Extensions Brisbane

Things that shortens the lifespan of your eyelash extension

Things that shortens the lifespan of your eyelash extension

  1. Rubbing your eye : Rubbing your eyes puts pressure on your eyelash extension and even your real lashes are prone to fall off. Some lashes are grown on the outer layers of your eye lids. Any external force of push motion is no good for your eyelashes.

2.Sleep facing down. Your face smears against the pillow. Equally bad for your eyelash extension and real lashes.

  1. Not cleaning your face properly nightly. This results in too much oil residue on your skin. Remember oil is a killer to eyelash extension as it weakens the bonding power of the glue.

4. Don’t let germs get an opportunity to get comfortable on your lashes. Correct face cleaning includes thoroughly removing make up. Foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow and other residues all form part of the makeup residues. Take very good care of your eyelash extensions by removing make up correctly.

Eyelash Extensions Mink Lashes

i-Lashes does NOT use Real Mink Lashes – Why Not?

Why do we stop real mink eyelash extension services?


Why is Real Mink so Popular?

Mink lashes come from animal fur and like real human hair it has all the characteristics of organic hair. For example, it has tiny hair scales covering it if you place it under a microscope. It feels and looks like real human lash. It is light, comfortable and at the same time natural which is the primary reason why all the Hollywood celebrities are fans of this product. Due to its lower production volumes, real mink services are more costly than normal eyelash extensions by anywhere between 30% to 50%.


Animal Cruelty Issues

Mink lashes we see on the market today mostly claim to be Siberian mink. But the problem is that there actually isn’t that many mink farms in Siberia growing Siberian mink. Most of the mink farms today are scattered around Hebei province in China and also North America where conditions for the animals is harsh at best. Minks are caged with very little room to move. It is particularly agonising in this environment for minks as they are solitary animals where if in the wild they could roam freely on land for thousands of acres. Trapped in a cage they could attack each other or harm themselves when under stress and circle around the cage nonstop. Normally the female minks breed once every year and between 3 to 4 cubs survive. When the cubs are 6 months old they are slaughtered. Their fur extracted they have to be slaughtered and skinned under tremendous stress. This is all to satisfy the demand for the billion dollar industry. In China laws for animal protection are still at its infant stage so the welfare of farmed minks can be questionable. Here is a Youtube footage of how minks are treated for their fur (beware : very very unpleasant) – 


Lash Wastage

Weather in mink farms is not always freezing cold so when it turns summer the mink fur naturally become finer than they were winter. This is why it is difficult to control the consistency in the thickness and colour of the real mink lashes. When the eyelash artists apply real mink it results in more lash spoilage as they try to achieve maximum consistency in length and colour.


Health of Your Eyes First/ Always

Our eyes are prone to infections. Yet it is difficult for eyelash artists to guarantee that each batch of real mink lashes are correctly sanitised when they leave the factory. It would be impossible for real mink eyelash manufacturers to send samples from every batch of real mink eyelashes for laboratory test of bacteria reading.

In order to minimize the possibility of infections and allergies i-Lashes stopped using real mink for the simple reasons of hygiene and our attitude against animal cruelty. Great eyelash extensions don’t always have to come from cruelty to animals or risk of infection to your eyes.

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Eye Drops OK! Eye Cream No!

?We all know about the need to avoid oil based products after an eyelash extension. However most of us forget the oil that comes in the daily eye cream we use.

?What oil does is dissolve eyelash extension glue and also glue together the volume lashes which normally feels thick and fluffy. They become ugly bunches of fat & thick lashes.

?Eye cream residue is difficult to thoroughly clean when sitting at the roots of eyelashes. Use viable substitutes to your conventional eye cream if you can. Eye drops could sooth minor eye discomfort. Keep your eyelashes beautiful for longer, easier.


eyelash extension

Sleeping Position & Your Eyelashes

Care for Your Eyelash Extension


Do you feel one side of your eyelash extension is falling out faster than the other?

Or do you feel that one side of your eyelash extensions is usually thicker and fuller than the other straight after your eyelash extensions service?

How about when you are applying mascara when one side is very each while the other side is always tangled up?

9 times out of 10 it is caused by your sleeping position. Why?

So many people sleep on their side like their face is glued to the pillow only on one side.

While you are sleeping, one side of your eyelash extension is rubbing against the pillow which speeds up the rate of them falling off.

Same reason why your eyelashes is only messy on the one side, because your face is squashed when you sleep on your side.


Read up on how to keep your lashes looking perfect – Irene’s Beauty Diary

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