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There is some confusion around what constitutes a nationally accredited eyelash extension training program and I hope this article helps to clarify things.

So, nationally accredited lash training. It exists. However there aren’t that many of them in Brisbane.

What i-Lashes has legally is a short course which goes for 2 days and is not eligible for Austudy. In order to have the nationally accredited status, a basic requirement is that the training course needs to be a minimum of 6 months in duration. If you want only nationally accredited training, you need to be prepared to invest 6 months of your time in it. So if you are looking for amazing lash skills to replace your day job, i-Lashes is the right place to come to. However if you have to have national accreditation for your lash extension training then i-Lashes training course is not for you.

In Australia, there is only 1 official definition for what constitutes a ‘Nationally Accredited’ training.

It is a course delivered by a current RTO (Registered Training Organisation) which complies with ASQA’s (Australian Skills Quality Authority) minimum standard requirements.

Refer to THIS ARTICLE for a very good official explanation on what national accreditation means. 

If you want to find out whether an institute is a RTO, you can use THIS SEARCH TOOL to verify.

Only training organisations listed here can deliver nationally accredited training. All others is false marketing.

If you’re worried about not being able to get a job as a lash artist without the nationally accredited training stamp – Stop worrying about it.  Fact is – every salon is screaming for good artists at the moment. If you’re good with your art, you’re gonna receive offers left right and centre from all salons anyway, with or without accreditation.

Then if you’re thinking of starting your own business. You don’t really have the pressure of worrying about someone might or might not hire you.

With accreditation difficult to obtain (and cost a substantial amount), i-Lashes is currently not contemplating pursuing national accreditation. This may change soon down the track, so stay tuned to our news & updates.

Happy to take questions either via comments or our online chat tool.

1st Feb 2019


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It is an important commitment hence wise for you to be 100% comfortable with it.


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