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How To Maintain Strong Healthy Lashes

Strong Healthy Eyelashes

If your natural lashes are thin, weak and soft, you could consider using products like this to increase the strength of your eyelashes. Some people might think : Is this necessary? Is this effective?

It’s like you would use conditioner if your hair is a bit dry. Similarly you would use a remedial product if your hair fall out easily. And why do we all do that? Of course it is to keep our hair healthy and shine.

What about eyelashes? What benefit is there to care for our lashes? Here are a few benefits just to get you going :

  1. Strong natural lashes support eyelash extensions for longer.
  2. When your natural lashes are thick, they are stronger and can carry more eyelash extension with them.
  3. Strong natural eyelashes will not fall off after you clean your face. You would rarely see eyelash cavities.

So if you are serious about your eyelash health, perhaps you could consider getting this product to use. i-Lashes doesn’t sell any products to make money.  We genuinely hope  that you have strong lashes.


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