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Question: What is eyelash extension? Why is it good?

Eyelash extension is done by glueing individual or multiple thin lashes to each natural lash. The result is very natural looking lashes. Some customers may wish to achieve the eyeliner effect. This could be done via adding thickness to the set. The benefit of eyelash extension is – she will not feel too much-added weight to her lashes. New lashes will feel like your own. Additionally, it does not harm your natural lashes or eyelid. The drawback of eyelash extension is that it takes time to apply. The average time it takes to apply a set is about 90 minutes and require refills every three weeks. After you remove your makeup, your eyes would still look sparkling. Lash extensions Brisbane

With eyelash extensions, your artist can usually very quickly tell about the quality of the material. Lashes and glue being two critical components in each service. Some bring about the natural effect more than others. Good glues help to bring the eyeliner look which is normally very popular. In addition, depending on every person’s different needs we could go thicker or stay very natural.

One of the primary benefits of lash extensions over strip lashes is the comfortable feel. If your artist used quality lash material you should feel like that they are your own.

Question: How is eyelash extensions done?

First, your lash artist will clean your eye surroundings. This is to ensure the area is relatively oil free. Then your artist will use medical grade eyelash extension glue combined with her excellent skills to apply your new lashes for you. If you picked individual lash sets there would be 1 artificial lash applied to your natural lash. If you prefer Russian volume lashes this would generally be 3 lashes on 1 individual lash.

Question: With lash extensions, would my natural lashes fall together with the extension?

Your natural lashes replace itself over time, it is the natural reaction of your body. Lashes are just like hair, they grow and they fall when due. With lash extensions, if you follow the aftercare instructions we give you after service, you should have no problems keeping your lashes on for at least 3 weeks. And if you suspect your lashes are falling out at an unusual speed, please contact us or your physician to investigate further.

Question: I really want my eyes to gain instant attractiveness. Am I suitable to take up lash extensions?

Generally yes. But if you suffer from any of the following, we would recommend that you wait until you resolve the issue.

  • If you have a known, serious allergy.
  • If your lashes are naturally untidy (ie. grow in all different directions) or have an unusual degree of curliness (Outcome might not be as good as you would hopeful because of this. And are more to prone fall off).
  • If you recently permed your lashes. Angled lashes allow less contact surface for your natural lash to bond with lash extension. Not only does this make it difficult for your artist to work with, you would expect the eyelash extensions to last not as long.
  • Any kind of wound in the area surrounding your eyes. This is a no-no. We will refrain from working on your lashes until it heals. Forgive us but this is for your own health.
  • If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes
  • In the past two years if you have had LASIK done to your eyes. It is best not to go ahead with lash extensions.
  • People with hypersensitive skin or unexplained itch from the skin. Eyelash extensions may cause more discomfort so we would also advise against it.
  • Damaged lashes. This really depends on the person, case by case.


Question: When would I need to use lash growth serum to stimulate the growth of my lashes?

Our DV Blooming essence is suitable for all kinds of lash conditions.

Usually, we recommend this product to ladies whose lashes are sparse and/or damaged. Apply this once to two times per day. However, if you have any wounds or current infections please refrain from applying this product. Or you could consult your doctor first about suitability. Active ingredients of the product are clearly labelled on the stick itself. Lash extensions Brisbane

Question: If my lashes are very sparse, what style lash extension would i-Lashes recommend? And what thickness?

For cases like these, we generally recommend Russian volume sets. They are lighter so will not be a burden to your lashes weight-wise. Depending on how sparse your lashes really are we could go either elegant set or splendid set, entirely up to you. When you come in, i-Lashes will show you different photos of the sets and you could decide what’s best for you.Lash extensions Brisbane

Question: I’m seeing a doctor about some other problems with my eyes, can I still get eyelash extensions?

Wait until you recover from it, whatever it is. We absolutely do not want you to risk your health like that, although we have $10 million insurance for you. Lash extensions Brisbane

Question : Can I use mascara after I get lash extensions?

First of all, we don’t really see the need. You now already have thick and dark long lashes, so why bother? Furthermore, extra mascara on top of eyelash extensions will put more weight burden on your natural lashes. You’ve just spent a good amount of money on it, there is no need to do that. Therefore in order to make your lashes last long, put your mascara back and let it stay there for a while. Lash extensions Brisbane

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