Eyelash Extension Brisbane - How to Care For Your Lashes

Eyelash Extension Brisbane – Useful Tips

Dear ladies, you often ask us how to care for your lash extensions. i-Lashes has extracted some of the more important tips here. Hope you can all benefit from reading this. Enjoy heathy and strong eyelash extension Brisbane!

How does lash extension behave and what do I need to watch out for?

Your eyelash is just like your hair. It would go through a life cycle growing, declining and dormancy. Each eyelash has its own growth cycle. Sometimes eyelash would fall because of the natural metabolism. It takes 3-6 months average for a new eyelash to grow as long as the others. Lash extensions are done by glueing artificial lashes on the real ones. Since the artificial lashes are attached to the real eyelashes, when the eyelashes fall, they fall together.

We should always keep an eye out for grease, heat, and water after receiving eyelash extensions. Grease and heat dissolve the eyelash extension glue so that the artificial eyelashes fall. We’d encourage the use the oil-free remover products. Always keep your shower temperature under 40 degrees. Once the lashes are wet, please dry the water with the hair dryer and brush them in the same direction.

Artificial lashes DO and CAN fall from you rubbing your eyes. Sometimes the lashes even fall into the eyes. If you decide to do eyelashes extensions, you’d need to avoid rubbing your eyes please ladies.

How to clean my face after Eyelash Extensions?

Avoid water only in the first four hours after the extensions. However you should still clean your face, there is no reason not to. Just have to do it the right way. Our eyelids itself also produces grease. Your lash artist will always tell you not to use oil based remover products. Clean your face gently with water or use the facial sponge wiping off the area surrounding your eyes. This way it is easier to keep the lashes clean and also makes it easier to absorb the water on the eyelids. Most importantly this step stops bacteria from growing from your old makeup residues.

What is the difference between mink and silk lashes? Which one looks better?

Among the variety of lash materials, only 100% mink is closest to the real lashes in composition. Yes you can argue that mink hair feels the closest to real human hair when you wear them. However, real mink has its own drawbacks as natural fibre. Length and thickness are hard to control and usually is quite inconsistent in minks. A savvy lash artist would suggest those who don’t use makeup that much to take up silk lashes. Since it is hard to tell whether a lash is silk or mink by naked eye, you really should only use mink if you have the special need. Both would make your lashes look natural even without makeup.

Silk Protein Hair, Artificial Fibre Hair, and Artificial Mink Hair

Silk protein lash, artificial fibre lash, and artificial mink lash are made from acrylic fibre. They are not made from natural materials despite the name may suggest. These kinds of materials are darker so easier to spot. In terms of the natural look they are just as good. Furthermore, artificial fibre tends to be more flexible. More flexible means after 3 or 4 weeks your lash extension still has the same curly effect as they had from day 1. Our experience is that mink lashes loses curl in the first couple of weeks.

How do I look after my new Eyelash Extension?

It is very easy to maintain your eyelashes extension. All you need to do is just follow the simple instructions listed on the card which i-Lashes will provide. Pulling lashes, combing too much (no more than once per day) and rubbing eyes are bad for your lash extensions. Doing any of these cause your lashes to fall earlier. Also, please remember to not wash your face within the first 4 hours after receiving eyelash extensions.

Can I Use Mascara after extension?

Mascara shortens the lifespan of eyelash extensions. This is simply because mascara remover is old based. Anything that has oil content melts eyelash extension glue. So removing mascara is actually bad for your eyelash extension.

Stop my Lashes Falling Out! What should I do if lots of my lashes are falling quickly?

Your lashes don’t root as deep as your hair. Lash follicles are not as strong either. Regrowing of a new lash is actually some hard work for your body. That is why avoiding the pulling motion is very important. If your lashes fall out in unusual quantities, the first thing you should do is to review your habits to identify ones that is causing damage. The most commonly seen problem is when your fingers fiddling with your lashes. Another commonly seen cause of lashes fall out quickly is inflamed follicles. Iron deficiency, anemia or inappropriate diets all partly contribute to lashes fall out quicker than usual. If you aren’t doing any of these and your lashes are still falling out in great speed, consult your doctor for more professional advice.

After lashes fall, how long does it take to grow the lash?

Your lashes need maintenance no matter what you do to make them look good. Lash extensions, mascara, false lashes or even nothing at all, they still need maintaining! Appropriate cleaning, eyelash nourishing solutions or healthy food with high protein not only help lashes grow but also make them healthier and stronger.

Rumour has it that glaucoma medication helps lash growth but there is just no hard science behind this. Prostamide stimulates the growth of lash follicles. However, this could have some side effects such as the changing of skin colour after taking the medicine. We do not recommend taking any medication UNLESS it is a direction from your doctor. You might ask : Would cutting lashes help  growing? From our experience – absolutely not. And your doctor might suggest the same thing. Lifespan of your lashes follows a cycle. Growing, strengthening, maturing to falling, the cycle just goes on. New lashes grow, one after another. That is just how it is. Nothing to suggest cutting lashes does anything other than shortening the length.

Would Extension Harm my Real Lashes?

Quite a common question. We get asked this ALL THE TIME!! It’s like anything. If your lash artist is doing her job correctly, lash extensions would not damage your natural lashes. Some ladies are used to getting eyelash extensions. After they stop wearing them, because they are not very used to not having thick lashes they get the false impression that lash extensions damaged the naturals.  Truth is, these ladies simply forgot what they originally looked like without the eyelash extensions.

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