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How long does it take to put them on?

Allow roughly 90 minutes for the session.

How long do they last?

Minimum of 3 weeks. Current record is 12 weeks.

How much?

See the price list

What glue do you use?

Only the highest quality latex free glue


All customers are automatically covered by our $20 million public liability PLUS $10 million professional indemnity insurance. We give you that peace of mind at no extra cost.

Where are you?

We are based in Runcorn / Queen St Mall Brisbane.

Can you put mascara on while you have these on ?

No. There is no need to.

Will this damage my natural lashes?

Not if it is done properly. i-Lashes only do perfect lashes.

Why are my lashes falling out earlier than expected?

There could be many different reasons which cause eyelash extensions to fall out early. Most common cause is the natural replacement of lashes, sleeping face downwards, change of weather etc.

Does i-Lashes open on Public Holidays?

Please refer to the online booking schedule, if you can book in, we’re open.

This is my first time getting eyelash extensions, which set should I book?

If you are unsure, simply book yourself in for any set. i-Lashes will will make recommendations to you when you arrive. You will never leave with anything less than a perfect set of lashes anyway.

My new eyelash extensions look a bit too long, can I cut them?

9 times out of 10 when you feel that way, you’re actually just not accustomed to it yet because you are new to eyelash extensions. Wait a few days you will start to love them. If you still don’t like the length after a week, contact us to work out an alternative.

What is the difference between the different sets?

Please see the picture to get an idea of the differences

What material do you use as your lashes?

We only use synthetic mink. Its darker, last longer and holds the shape the best after 3 weeks.

Can I swim when I’m wearing eyelash extension?

That’s the whole purpose of eyelash extension. Its completely waterproof, just avoid contact with oil based products and you are all fine.

What is the longest lashes you use?

15, but there is rarely ever the need to be that long. In the world of eyelash extensions it is not the one with longest lashes wins, everybody has a particular length and style that suits them best. And it also depends on the occasion, too. It’s like asking about someone’s legs – What’s the longest legs in the world? Are they necessary the best looking legs? Absolutely not.

Why can’t I book an evening appointment?

Your new lashes needs a minimum of 4 hours away from water. When we finish in the evening, you would barely have enough time before the 4 hours is up before you have to cleanse your face. Contact with water within the first four hours speeds up the fall of eyelash extensions so we strongly advice against it.

Do you do specials for new clients?

No we don’t. We don’t drop our price, and we don’t cut corners when it comes to working on your eyes.

I am currently wearing lashes from another salon, could I come in for a refill?

We’d be happy to remove your current lashes and apply a new set at a cost.

I have an eyelash cavity, can that be fixed?


Which is the most popular set?

Russian Volume Elegant