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Why Choose i-Lashes?

Be 3 Times Cuter / 3 Times More Confident Today!

Ladies, you choose to go with i-Lashes for Brisbane eyelash extensions because

  1. Our styling techniques make your eyes sparkle. You don’t get that everywhere else. We are absolutely positive about that.
  2. Three weeks into our eyelash extension, we are confident your lashes will still hold their shape very well. Lashes from other salons would have either fallen or crossed together.
  3. Sophisticated yet stylish. Certainly you would feel the enhancement but it’s never over the top. Our styling always strike the balance between thick and natural. Your lashes could be dense at the same time as being very natural looking.

We could go cute, elegant, sexy or cheeky. Depending on your personal style preference and the different occasions which you need them for. Brisbane Eyelash Extensions

  • Do you need lashes for daily wearing?
  • Are you attending a party or a function?
  • Are you going to a wedding as a guest or a bridesmaid?
  • Or are you the bride?


Brisbane’s Most Durable Eyelash Extensions


Believe it or not, the most suitable lash style is different for every lady, just like every person has their favorite outfit. i-Lashes believes every eyelash extension set needs to carry the unique style with it to emphasis a lady’s character. It helps broadcast to the world who this lady is and her unique taste. Brisbane Eyelash Extensions

Ask yourself this : Shape of your face is different, shape of your eyes is different, so why should your eyelash extension look the same as someone else’s?

  • Comfortable Environment (Music + People falling asleep)
  • Care for customers / Hospitality
  • Abundance of knowledge on eyelash Styling, patiently explaining everything you need to know about eyelash extensions. You will never feel more reassured (Natural Look)
  • Reasonably price for not cutting corners
  • Gentle
  • Get plenty of compliments from friends
  • Eyelashes looking perfectly natural
  • You feel the passion about making you look good
  • Consistency in perfecting your lashes.
  • Our technique to deal with difficult cases (fixing cavities)
  • Feeling so Light / No itching / No stiffness / No sting feel (All of our product handpicked, tested and used on ourselves.


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