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Few Words About Us

About Us

i-Lashes is your go to place for eyelash extension in Brisbane/Logan region. Our passion is to deliver a perfect set of lashes for all.

We do this through our unparalleled love and passion for the art and an eager to constantly improve in our skills. Combining our desire for comfort, aesthetics and durability, you will certainly get the value for money you were looking for. Elevating eyelash extension from a simple beauty treatment to a relaxing experience leaving you crave for more, that’s what we do.

Meet Your Eyelash Stylists

Our super friendly staff with amazing eyelash extension techniques. Whenever you visit i-Lashes, these ladies will warmly greet you and offer you the best service. If you have any special needs, please don't hesitate to let us know.
Irene Lord of The Lashes Four solid years of eyelash extension craft of which the last three being filled by back to back appointments daily. Irene has the sharpest eye for that perfect style you need for your special occasion or daily wear. 110% passion on what shes does and you'd be addicted to her work from the first time. Expect an absolute flooding of compliments from your friends if you pick Irene. She is that go to person for special cases - so if you think your lashes is different to everyone else and requires a true master to fix them, her name is Irene.

Albee Eyelash Extension Wizard Albee's gentle hands are like feather which put you to sleep every time you visit her. She is incredibly fast in her work and the durability of her work sets standards for the industry. She has an abundance of knowledge on eyelash Styling. She is the one who patiently explains everything you need to know about eyelash extensions. You will never feel more reassured when you are with Albee. She is the top pick when you are looking for that perfectly natural eyelash extension. Consistently delivering the same great results you will never disappoint. Being young herself, Albee specialises in catering the needs for the younger customers with her bold and forward looking styling.

Karen Eyelash Extension Guru Karen's the newest member to the i-Lashes beauty family. Her special skill is the classy look of lashes. With six years under her belt, she knows how to make your eyes sparkle. As an ex-hospitality manager she certainly listens to client needs and turn it into eyelash extensions the client wants. Her styling tends to lean towards more of the high-end / tasteful side. Both her durability and styling has won her much appraisal from ex-clients and both Irene + Albee. Just remember, if your lashes aren't perfect, Karen will not let you leave i-Lashes.

Joanna Eyelash Extension Prodigy Unquestionably i-Lashes best kept secret. She might be the latest addition but Joanna's ability to style / apply is certainly not one bit less than Irene/Karen/Albee. In relation to the rest of the team, her forte is the extended durability. Widely recognised as Irene's Mini Me because her eyelash styling technique resembles the closest. When Irene is away, Joanna is your best bet if you are looking for the best substitute. Those feather-like hands will put you to sleep before you know it.

Elly i-Lashes' Signature - Smiley Lashie How would you like to be greeted by an eyelash artist who wears a big smile? With four solid years of Japanese eyelash extension experience gained internationally in salons across the Asia Pacific, Elly bring to the table a whole new beauty experience called perfection. In addition to the basic styling requirement at i-Lashes which could only be thought of as meticulous, you will find Elly's work to be fractionally neater. Sets very high standards for herself, she will stop at nothing to continue to elevate her lash techniques.